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07-14-2011, 05:15 AM

I am a new in WoW , I have a Warrior character and its DPS is low

Level : 54
Talent : Fury
DPS : 155.2 without buffs

this my character

need some advice to get better in DPS specially

Thx .

07-14-2011, 07:36 AM
Caveat - I leveled as Arms in WotLK up to 70ish before switching to Fury, so I don't know Cata Fury at low levels - that being said - I think it's fairly universal....

1. Take the 3 points out of blood craze. Put 2/2 in cruetly and the 3rd in intensify rage. Victory Rush will give you all the healing you need, blood craze is just sorta wasted.

2. You have bloodthirst and raging blows, but don't have Bloodsurge yet, so you should have a rotation of:

Blood Thirst -> Raging Blows -> Blood Thirst -> Other. Repeat.

Other would be Sunder, Demo Shout, Battle Shout, other abiltiies as needed. Don't use Heroic Throw in melee combat though, it resets your swing timer, meaning fewer melee swings and less rage.

3. You don't have any glyphs. Right now, Primes should be Raging Blow and Bloodthirst. Majors should be... well since you're soloing Victory Rush and something (deathwish?). Minors, I'd good with Beserker Rage and Bloody Healing.

07-14-2011, 08:57 AM
Another thing to note is if you are comparing your damage to that of other players, players wearing Heirloom gear while leveling will have a considerable advantage. This advantage isn't an option for the new player since they don't have other characters from which to feed the advancement of an alt.