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07-12-2011, 08:30 AM
Lost Destiny is a Horde guild made up of adults that are focused on 10 man raiding. We're a casual group that understands family & life MUST come before the game. Don't mistake our casual approach to the game in general for a lack of attention on raiding. When it's time to raid, we're looking for a serious approach with progression being the goal. Eventually, our raids will be something where you recognize everyone's voice and enjoy chatting. You'll have a great time and enjoy working as a team.

We're currently opening our recruitment to all classes to field a second 10 man team. Firelands experience is not necessary. If you fit the requirements listed below and want to be apart of a great guild please check out our website and apply. We're also looking for someone that is interested in leading this second 10 man team. If you are interested please let us know in your app.

Instead of posting a wall of text here, I'll quickly high-light some points.
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Raid Schedule:
Friday: 10pm EST - 2am EST

Monday: 10:00pm EST - 1:00am EST *(firm 1am stops - no exceptions!)
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Guild for working adults/family people who like to raid but don't have time to live in the game

Progression minded, but on a light schedule - we do take the raiding time seriously & look to be competitive in Cata

Casual, but still expect people to be prepared (on time, flasked, gemmed, enchanted, and know the encounter)

21+ only please

Please feel free to contact us:
- our site http://lostdestiny.guildlaunch.com
- whisper our GM, Mortigi on Shattered Hand US / Horde (or ask if an officer is on)
- email: info@lostdestinyguild.com
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We are currently taking apps for all classes to field a second 10 man team.