View Full Version : EU <Dungeon Junkies> [Earthen Ring] LFM core members

07-10-2011, 05:29 AM
<Dungeon Junkies> is now accepting applications for all classes/roles.

Dungeon Junkies is 10-man raiding group on Earthen Ring, aiming for hardcore progress on a limited time schedule.

Although this is a newly formed group, the leadership and raiders has years of previous experience and a proven method for getting tough kills, including pre-nerf karazhan, ZA speed runs (love those bear mounts!), heroic ulduar with Algalon, and full heroic totc.

We believe that hardcore raiding shouldn't mean giving up your job and social life. Most of us have families, jobs and friends yet still want to kick some ass in the dungeon a few days (mon and sun) each week. While raiding, we strive for a "make every minute count" approach, yet still being able to enjoy a few laughs along the way.

Sound's like a group for you? Visit us on http://dungeonjunkies.enjin.com/ to find out more and post an app!