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06-30-2011, 06:32 PM
Right. Question that's been asked a ton. I've done a good bit of reading and I know the aspects of different tanks. I have a druid, DK, and paladin post-80 (the DK has been 85 for a good long while and ZA/ZGed... though not tanking). And I have been contemplating raising a warrior. A bit of a warning ahead of time... this will likely be a long and a bit of a rambling post. Here are my choices... I would appreciate your input.

Gnome Death Knight: Love how they look in plate and I enjoy two handers quite a bit. I have a lot of toys and effort put into this character as I intended him to be a main during a main-switch when Wrath began. He was my main raider during Wrath, though as DPS almost entirely. I started him off as an Unholy Tank but when that got taken down quite a few pegs it turned into Unholy DPS. I do like the character, his name. And the feel of him.

My main issues with DK are the view of them as... horrible players or idiots, that they are viewed as subpar tanks. I know they are decent tanks it is just... it makes me damned wary to start tanking for groups. I do enjoy blood, it is the spec I tend to solo and quest as (in my dps gear). So I am used to the priority system and keybindings at least. My biggest worry is managing threat. Getting the threat initially and managing to hold it. To not drop low in the threat tables. Also managing the threat and handling it sees far more cumbersome than it should. I also despise marking with an unholy passion.

One boost for the DK is I love their ability to solo old content. To try for mounts... some DKs even solo for the Phoenix mount from the Eye. I know it is very difficult (though with 4.2 I am unsure how difficult now due to the DS changes, but higher ilvl gear). For some reason with the change to DS I feel like this ability has been deeply wounded. Would appreciate info contrary to this from DKs who enjoy extreme soloing. I enjoy unholy dps as my offspec so that works well as that.

Night Elf Druid: My old character from TBC. I was one of the main progression tanks for my guild as a bear. In wrath I barely played him and in TBC as well. He managed to get to about level 82 from the XP from herbing and mining (my gatherer character, yay epic flight form). I enjoyed tanking and being a bear is fun and off-tanking switching to Cat so my DPS is not horrid when my target is dead. However a LOT of changes have happened since TBC. When I've tried tanking... again threat felt cumbersome. Though the last time i tried was before Thrash (I did no tanking at all during Wrath).

One boon to this character... is that he is my old raider with achievements and feats of strength. Small things like the medallion that teleports him to the black temple and the Hand of A'dal and Champion of the Naaru titles. Also... swift flight form. It is amazing and I love it. Though it makes me less interested in collecting mounts on the character which is a slight negative. (overall plus due to awesomeness of course).

The biggest negative. The look. I despise how male night elves look in the gear. Yes, feral would most times be in bear or cat form... forms I do like the look of. But when not in those forms... ugh. Ears sticking through helms it just looks wrong. i was tempted to switch him over to worgen (love the animal forms look for worgens) but I would miss the shadowmeld ability. And worgens in their worgen form look even worse in the gear! With the slight dodge and stealth bonus night elves had it made me lean a little more toward them in any case.

Draenei Paladin: Also a character from TBC. Not my main though I did tank and raid on him a bit. The same with heroics in Wrath. He is only 83 presently. I do enjoy him. I like his name and the memories I had playing him from TBC. Of all the tanks I feel most competant holding AoE threat with this character... though single target threat feels a bit more lacking. I don't quite like how the Draenei look however. It isn't anywhere near as bad as the worgen or night elves but... it doesn't suit me. And the idea of a dwarf or human pally doesn't call me either (neither do the horde pallies). I love paladin tier armor. Absolutely love it. It has always looked amazing in my eyes, consistently good (aside from one set in early classic). It may sometimes look a bit funny but it always looks epic to me.

In all honesty... with being able to offspec as heals or ret (not a big fan of ret) Paladin would be a good bit ahead of the others. There is just some disconnect with the feel of the character for me. If I could be a Gnome Paladin... i likely wouldn't be having this post... or would simply be comparing it to my Gnome DK (mostly because I already had so many toys on the DK).

Gnome Warrior: This character... I have not even created. He would be created fresh from the ground up. Though I do have all the tanking heirloom items aside from the Dread Pirate Ring. It would not take long at all. Also the leveling would get me a bit more used to Prot. In Wrath I leveled a prot warrior to 58 but.. he was deleted to open up a name I wanted to use. I also leveled up a worgen warrior to the mid 40s and truly enjoyed the changes in the class. The physicality of it draws me some. Though there do seem to be many warriors about. I had thought to make a very feral and fierce character as a Worgen but... could not stand how they looked or their animations. Likely would go fury for offspec just because... a tiny lil gnome wielding two huge weapons is always entertaining.

Summary: So! There you have it... these are the choices I am wracking my brain and heart to try to decide between. It isn't a matter between which is the 'best' tank. Any advice for me to play each of them and then choose... is a bit pointless since that is what I have been doing and have been unable to choose! Of all the above I would say that the warrior is the one I have the least experience from all the expansions, but Druid would be the one I have the least experience from Wrath/Cata. I would try to work all up but I don't quite have the time. I work best when I focus just on one thing. In addition... I am moving soon (less than a month) from Japan to the USA. So will likely be transferring servers. Meaning how desired certain tanks are in raiding guilds is a factor as well. Lately I have been messing around on a hunter, having tanked a few instances in Cata with my pet. I miss tanking though and want to get back into it.

Any insight or advice would be greatly appreciated.

06-30-2011, 11:24 PM
Warrior, stick to the roots of the true tanks since Vanilla, not carbon copies attempting to mimic tanks that were already perfect!

Why the hell would you wanna be an overweight tanking bear? The concept isn't even cool, just some lub of feral lard soaking damage, as opposed to seeing a more nimble figure dip n dodge spin around, parry and block. (btw tho...night elves look good in everything...)

DK are lame, they wave there hands around more then they swing there weapons. Can't block, which is an extra cool animation, and tanks get a lot of them per frame due to how much damage is coming in as well as whats coming out.

Paladins are a joke, like seriously I"m not doubting there competence or even cool factor but when ever I tank on a paladin opposed to a warrior I am just disgusted at how easy it is, drop concentrate and what a million mobs converge right onto you, and everything else they do is some sort of cleave.

Warriors are pure awesome, they dont rely on being fat bulky animals, unholy energy that binds all matter, or the Holy Light....no my friend, Warriors are going head to head with Dragons, Deities and Demons with only metal and steel, but unlike paladins and death knights which carry similar armaments they rely on their pure mortal ability skill and technique to take on these other worldly beings. And no one can deny that their mobility just makes them purely awesome, Heroic Leap, Charge, Intercept, Intervene. Run circles around your enemies.

06-30-2011, 11:43 PM
Thank you Kahmal! That is the sort of post I am wanting to see to help me make up my decision. I am drawn by the visceral nature of warrior. Any idea how the animations for gnomes are? Never played a gnome that used a sword and shield. I do like how Gnomes look in plate (one of the main attractions for my DK).

I know that warrior is behind DK, paladin, and druid in regards to 'extreme soloing' but what sort of things can they handle? Most interested in going for mounts or legendaries. I would imagine horseman mount is easy, can warriors solo through all of MC fairly easy to work on sulfuras and thunderfury? Would imagine they couldn't do Illidan but likely with one or two others (a healer and a dps) it would be doable? (Yes, I know the last is no longer soloing, just figuring out how many friends I would need to bring along).

07-01-2011, 12:29 AM
just some lub of feral lard soaking damage, as opposed to seeing a more nimble figure dip n dodge spin around, parry and block

bears don't have to hide behind shield like pansy warriors and pallies...

and we dodge more than any other tank!

07-01-2011, 03:52 AM
So far leaning toward Gnome Warrior or Dwarf Paladin (race changed my paladin to Dwarf... wish it would go gnome).

07-01-2011, 04:02 AM
dk bad
druid bad
pally soso
war bis

07-01-2011, 04:09 AM
Paladins are a joke, like seriously I"m not doubting there competence or even cool factor but when ever I tank on a paladin opposed to a warrior I am just disgusted at how easy it is, drop concentrate and what a million mobs converge right onto you, and everything else they do is some sort of cleave.If all you have to do to hold threat on your paladin is drop consecrate and hit HotR, you are grouping with some pretty crappy dps :) It is a little more involved than that.

As opposed to spreading rend with thunderclap and hitting shockwave...

07-01-2011, 04:20 AM
am i hearing a pally actually complain about aoe threat being hard? and comparing to a war? hell has frozen over.

07-01-2011, 04:59 AM
No you are hearing a paladin complain that his class is being misrepresented so that someone rerolls warrior instead...

07-01-2011, 11:59 PM
So far leaning toward Gnome Warrior or Dwarf Paladin (race changed my paladin to Dwarf... wish it would go gnome).

if you dare sully the Warrior name by going Goblin I swear I'll find you and eat you on my Tauren Warrior. The best thing about no longer being Alliance is not having to be embarrassed by Gnome Warriors (even DKs) go Paladin, pfft.

07-02-2011, 01:42 AM
Gnome Warrior FTW. I have just done, exactly what you are about to do...

Pugged my way to 85. I have learned ALOT. When to use cool downs, how to raise my threat, how regain threat, how to deal with casters, line of sight pulling, surviving and killing the boss when everyone else is dead - then mass rezzing through guild perk (best feeling ever). Just getting my reps up now.

Also, I have Loganisis to thank for his 101 warrior primer. Anyhow...

Do it! You won't regret it.

07-02-2011, 02:17 AM
Any true warrior tank realizes the utility of rocketjump. screw warstomp, arcane torrent and all those so called racials. Fifth charge is what you want!

07-02-2011, 09:22 AM
Paladin tanks are the easiest to heal in my opinion, but so are Warriors. Bears and DK's require you to be really good at the class in order to tank effectively.

07-03-2011, 10:51 PM
Decided to stick with my Death Knight. I really like the feel of him. However I think I will be leveling up a Gnome Warrior. Not for immediate use but eventually. Likely will hold off on doing that till I can get a friend on the recruit-a-friend thing. Will have a Gnome Warrior all ready... though... Goblin Warrior is sounding damn tempting. Will have to check how their animations look. I haven't done a Horde character in ages (I think... TBC was the last time) and I do like the normal goblin look and animations. Will have to think on a good Goblin Warrior name. If they look good in armor.

07-03-2011, 10:57 PM
Gubnit's a good traditional Irish name for a girl. Fits Gobbo chicks too.

07-03-2011, 11:30 PM
Gubnit's a good traditional Irish name for a girl. Fits Gobbo chicks too.

Male Goblin Warrior ^.^

07-04-2011, 02:48 AM
Male Goblin Warrior ^.^

Gubnot? :)