View Full Version : US [H] <Saurfang> Death Metal - 10M NZ BASED, recruiting for Firelands!!

06-29-2011, 01:11 AM
Death Metal is relatively new NZ based guild that has been built up over the course of Cata T1. Current Progression is 10/12.

Raid Times -
Sunday, Tuesday nights. (no Tuesday night raiding is no an issue and has never been affected by server maintenance)
5-8pm Server time (7-10pm NZ)

---Note that raid nights will be increased by one hour at the end, for the first month of 4.2.

Currently Recruiting
1 Raid healer, core raid spot. Pref Shaman/Paladin.
We currently have a full raid roster, However one of our healers is looking to step back from the game and we are looking to replace as quickly as possible.

What can we offer?
Semi casual raiding - 6 hours per week raid time
Tight raiding group - 12 gamers maximum at any one time.
Zero drama (and no tolerance for it)
Relaxed loot system
Focus on performance and progression
Direct and honest feedback

What do we expect?
As above we only raid two nights per week, for six hours total. Given such a low requirement for contact time, come raid night we expect near perfect attendance. Please do not apply if you do not feel you can consistently raid both nights every week.
Solid understanding of your class and everything that goes with it - this includes gemming/enchanting, stat priority, spec and class mechanics.
Applicants will have a reliable connection, vent and all the relevant addons. Raiding 101, but no less important.

If your interested go to http://deathmetal.enjin.com/ or pst/mail Eliar for more details.