View Full Version : US [A] Multa Nocte of Moonrunner LFM for Firelands

06-24-2011, 10:39 AM
Multa Nocte of Moonrunner is a mature, 25man, Late Night raiding guild. We are semi-hardcore and expect a high level of dedication and performance. Our raid schedule is light, thus why we define ourselves as semi-hardcore. We raid from 9:30-Midnight (pst), Tues, Thurs, Sun & Mon. The invites start at 9:30pm, the first pull is no later than 10:00pm. Two hour raids, four nights a week, we require efficiency and focus from all our members. This being said, we are not a stuck-up bunch, we have a great time progressing.

Multa Nocte is currently 1/13 in Heroic Modes with all current normal mode content on farm status. Our raiders tend to learn a fight rather quickly and are able to repeatedly execute encounters cleanly, i.e. the week after we killed Nefarian he was dead in two attempts. Our raid team has been steadily pushing content at a rapid rate in the last few weeks and have been steadily gaining momentum to be able to hit the ground running the day 4.2 and Firelands drops.

Currently Looking for applicants from these classes:

Shadow Priest
Resto Shaman
Balance Druid
Disc/Holy Priest
DK Tank

Come apply to join our raid team. Our biggest draws, are our Late Night raid times, mature atmosphere, short yet highly efficient raids and our dedication to 25man progression.

Apply Today!