View Full Version : US [A] Imperative - Zul'jin 13/13HM #41 US - 3 Nights a week - Recruiting for Firelands!

06-23-2011, 05:14 PM
Imperative is a long-time guild on Zul'jin-Alliance. Now going for over a year, Imperative has consistently proven to be capable of top 100 US 25man kills on our limited schedule of 3 nights/wk. Our goal is to build up a core group of players who have a mastery orientation to the game and enjoy multiple facets of WoW.

While we have a light raiding schedule, we still are looking for players who approach raiding seriously. We're in the hunt for exceptional players to further build up our core. We do not tolerate poor play, so make sure you're good!

We are currently considering the following classes/specs:

High Priority
- Non-Paladin Healer (Resto Druid, Resto Shaman, and/or Holy/Disc Priest)
- Feral Druid
- Enhance Shaman
- Fury/Arms Warrior
- Ret Paladin

Low Priority
- Warlock
- Mage

- Any exceptional players - We mean it!

Raid Schedule:
Tues-Thurs, 8:30pm-Midnight EST

Our Progression:
Heroic 25man: 1/7
Normal 25man: 7/7

Past Achievements
- Heroic Shannox - US #36
- Glory of the Cataclysm Raider
- Heroic Sinestra 25man - US #61
- Heroic Cho'gall 25man - US #77
- Heroic Nefarian 25man - US #81
- Heroic Valiona + Theralion - US #80
- Heroic Omnotron 25man - US #81
- Heroic Magmaw 25man - US#81
- Heroic Chimaeron 25man - US #58
- Heroic Conclave 25man - US #85
- Heroic Lich King 25man - US #55
- Heroic Halion 25man - US #70

Applicant requirements:
* A stable internet connection and a computer decent enough to not lock up or lag consistently
* Played at a top 150 US level for an extended period of time in the past
* Gear that magnifies effort. Your gear should demonstrate that you know your class and have put effort into gearing up. This includes the correct gems, enchants, and glyphs.
* The ability to listen and respond on Ventrillo
* Situational awareness; if you can't move out of fire, dodge tornadoes, or keep your place in a rotation, then we're not the guild for you.
* Dedication and reliability; show up consistently and on time - minimum raid attendance is 85%
* Players who can accept constructive criticism and who are dedicated to constantly improving their performance
* Players who have a proven history of performance, either through logs, references, or general Cataclysm raiding experience.

What we have to offer:
* A guild that has the drive and skill to progress within Cataclysm and a proven history of top 100 US play
* A tight roster of dedicated players who show up to raids prepared and ready to progress
* A fun raid environment that's fairly laid back and casual while still pushing heroic content.
* A stable, fun and welcoming guild atmosphere; we are drama free and personable - most of our members are university students or young working professionals
* A fair loot council that awards gear based on getting progress. We don't play favorites, period.
* An active group of players who sign on for 10 mans, pvp and general fun outside of raids
* Guild bank repairs and fish feasts for all members who raid with us (including applicants)
* Competitive progression with an extremely light raid schedule. We have never raided outside our raid days or past 12:20 am.
* A focused and efficient raid environment
* An active leadership who is open to suggestion

Think you'd be a good fit for us? Please apply at our website:

E-mail admin@imperative-guild.com, or contact Dealt, Optics, Irranazor, Baltog, Ultimaknight or Shandora in-game. You can also ask any of our helpful members for our alts.