View Full Version : US [A]Phoenix Resurrection US LvL25 LF Resto Druid/Shaman and/or Holy Pally for 25 man

06-22-2011, 08:41 PM
Phoenix Resurrection on the Doomhammer US server has a couple of opening for a mature accomplished healer to fill our 25 man raid roster. We raid Wed, 6-8 pm Sat and Sun 4-8 pm pst. We provide flask, feasts and repairs for all guild raids. We are planning a strong push into HM for Firelands and need a couple of healers( not priests ) who know how to behave in a raid situation and be part of an experienced, established raiding guild. We aren't "hardcore" but do expect to succeed in all our raids, and consider ourselves more progressive than casual.

If you are interested, either contact us in game or through our website at www.phoenixresurrection.net

See you there