View Full Version : EU [Alliance] <Jane Doe> on Terokkar - Recruiting for new team and PvP

06-20-2011, 12:20 PM
Realm First - level 25 guild
7 raiding teams
Overall guild progress - 2/13 heroic
Age limit: 18 +

1)Catastrophe 10man team, 2/13

Recruiting; a capable Resto Shaman or Holy Paladin

Raidnights: monday, wednesday, thursday and sunday at 20:30-23.30 realm time, looking for stability for the team and want someone who can attend basically all the time.

The Catastrophe team have made several big changes the last few weeks and are looking to step it up a bit in Firelands and are aiming to be more competitive with the other teams on the server. We are therefor only looking for capable players who are also able to contribute with a high attendance and are currently just missing a 3rd healer to complete our team. We would prefer that applicants have at least 12/12 experience and a ilvl of 359 but its not absolutely necessary if you are a good match for the team.

The team has a pretty happy and relaxed atmosphere between encounters but asks for full focus at bossfights. We are looking for someone who will fit in nicely with the group as well as aid us in future progression.

Catastrophe's forum: http://www.janedoe.eu/forums/ten-player-raiding/catastrophe-forum

Feel free to contact Taye, Rigg, Emvy or Chiriku in game for more info or apply directly at the Jane Doe website.

2) 'Invictus'
Available spots:
- a Holy (Better if offspec disco) priest for Invictus.

We are looking for experience while recruiting. Our aim is fast progress with experienced members thus we will not take anyone who's at the beginning of this content. All members are expected to study bosses they are not familiar with. Respect among the group is really important by means of showing up at the right place and at the right time.

Raiding days:
Monday/Wednesday/ Thursday -- 21:00-24:00

3)We are also Recruiting Experienced PvPers for RBG's, Arena & World PvP.
Social Applications are always considered.
If you are interested in joining or just want a chat just pop along to Janedoe.eu and say Hi!

Thanks for reading and good luck with your apps!