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06-20-2011, 12:01 AM
Hello fellow tanks,
Tommarow i will be pulling h Alakir and was considering regemming to prioritize stam directly after unhittable softcap. Also i was in a debate over which trinket to use i have to choose between told barad trink(mastery with resistance proc) alchemy trinket(stam and mastery) and the symbolic worm(stam with mastery proc). I would appreciate any advice from tanks who have worked on this fight. Thank you for your time.

char is if interested in looking up

06-20-2011, 03:08 AM
Whats your strat?
4 Heal or 3 Heal? 1 Tank? 1 Tank and Offtank for adds? Whats your class?

We used a 3 Heal, 1 Tank, DD-DK Offtank. In this case, try to optimize your dmg mitigation and use tol barad for its cd.
Tank death only occures, when you have to run for a cloudwall thats far away. Always have a CD for this situation.

If you want to tank adds and boss. I hope your are a paladin or dk. ;)

06-20-2011, 04:10 AM
im a warrior, i think i may be offtank for adds. We have not settled on a particular strat yet. its possible i may also be maintank depending on how things workout. I was considering stacking expertise>hit>stam>mastery>parry>dodge as stat priority for add tank b/c its minimal melee damage and mostly magic. Also this is a significant thing i was thinking for initial threat on the adds i would get "gag order" so that i could have h throw off cd for the adds grab. Another possibility is a deepwounds spec to max damage for p1/3 and threat p2. what are your thought on spec choice. possibly sacing traditional concblow and vigilance for gag order? what are your thoughts?

06-20-2011, 09:53 AM
I just tank both Al'Akir and the adds with regular mastery foccused gearing, another 8k hitpoints won't make or break the fight for me. Most important thing is mobility.. and well you're a warrior so Electrocute shouldn't be up for too long.

Tol Barad trinket is a must (for sure!) and initial threat/taunt refresh shouldn't be an issue with Vigilance on a healer if your HT misses. Gag Order is advisable, you can pick it up while eg dropping Cruelty. You can also try to sneak in Thunderstruck for Incite and/or Laststand. This ways you got another DPS on Al'Akir (shorten the phase in general) while dealing an insane amount of damage to the adds with high vengenace rend-spread + cleaving.

06-20-2011, 07:18 PM
Here is the thing. Despite being a predominantly magic fight, you don't need any stamina for this encounter. This is because your just not going to be topped up in p2 - the only phase where your in risk of dying due to dmg, max hp does not matter.

His melee swings hurt somewhat so block is still very good. TB trinket obv a must, for the second I would just go with the worm but it does not matter.

2% spell dmg metagem is very good on this fight. As is prismatic elixir.

Gag order is a must. Glyph SA and HT. I would stay away from both TS and BnT, you never gonna get a bleed debuff on the adds anyway and TS can gib them at a wrong time. Your job should not be killing them anyway. You will need all the burst threat you can get, ie cruelty, incite. The more you pull away in threat on Al Akir before p2, the easier p2 gonna be for everyone.

06-20-2011, 07:44 PM
Your job should not be killing them anyway.
Well that might depend on your raid and tactic, but we just collect 3 adds before killing anything and so i've plenty of time to work on the next one while one assigned ranged dps just finish off my brought down adds. And rolling rend on multiple target is just the best dpe/dpr/dp-whatever you can get your hands on. Bleed debuff or not doesn't matter at all for this, my rend is ticking for 1800ish nontheless thanks to high vengeance during phase 2.

I can't see how Thunderstruck is going to gib them at the wrong time unless you handle them totally different, i just cleave them to death and we end up with some fairly quick kills this way (5:40ish on 10m).

06-20-2011, 08:52 PM
I don't like taking them to low due to lack of control to what I am cleaving, ended up killing a couple too early this way. Bringing them to about 50%, our mage has no problems taking them down in a few seconds. Quick kills too. Like BnT I don't know, I can see things for and against, it certainly helps at the start of p2. But with TS my biggest issues is its effect on SW. Like I found myself a couple times wanting to SW the adds before moving out for the farthest cyclone and thinking I can't do this cos I have three stacks on me an add is too low. Silly place to be in. You can really slice through all the adds in no time with an AoE spec, its the lack of control I don't like in it.