View Full Version : EU [A] The Nephilim, Neptulon, 9/13 HC recruiting for 25m Firelands

06-17-2011, 10:21 AM
The Nephilim was founded during TBC on Talnivarr EU and cleared most of that content. During WotLK we transferred to Neptulon due to the alliance side being rather dead on Talnivarr. In that expansion we cleared everything except LK25hc, Anub'Arak 25hc, Halion 25hc and Algalon 25.

In Cataclysm so far, we have cleared all normal modes and killed Halfus Wyrmbreaker, Maloriak and Chimaeron heroic in 25m. Like many other guilds, we suffered from people quitting the game and our 25m raiding was put on hold. We have still managed to best another five heroic encounters in 10m difficulty, namely Atramedes, Magmaw, Omnotron Defense System, Conclave of Wind and Valiona & Theralion, leaving us at 8/13 hc. We also made a 50/50 25m raid together with another guild in similar situation as us where we killed Nefarian HC.

However, we have always been a 25m raiding guild and will remain as such for the upcoming Firelands.

We raid four nights a week (Wed, Thu, Sun, Mon) and we require 75% attendance at the very least. Raids last between 19.30 and 23.30. We will provide food and flasks during raid, and all other benefits that comes with a level 25 guild.

We expect you to be mature and serious about your raiding and as eager for progress as we are. To join us you must also have good knowledge of your class and be performing at a high level. Gemming, reforging, enchanting correctly etc. goes without saying.

You must also acknowledge a few facts that are vital to all raiders:

* Gnomes are lesser beings and should be made fun of at all times. Especially if they have pink hair.
* Leap of Faith, HoP and similar abilities should always be used to annoy rogues.
* /cancelaura macros are not allowed if you are a rogue.
* Never do elevator-bosses on heroic! The fights are always too unforgiving, and the loot is crap.
* Having a good atmosphere, laughing and having fun with your raiding friends is almost as important as killing stuff and getting purplez.

If you think we might be your cup of tea, and vice versa, then we are currently looking for the following classes:

Death Knights: 1 dps
Druids: 1 Balance, 1 Feral tank
Hunters: 2 dps
Mages: 3 dps
Paladins: 1 Retribution
Priests: 1 Holy, 1 Disc
Rogues: Closed
Shamans: 2 Resto
Warlocks: closed
Warriors: 1 dps

If you are interested in joining make an application on our forum:

www.thenephilim.eu (http://www.thenephilim.eu)

If you have any questions feel free to contact any of our officers: Arolia, Mejjbi, Zackie, Dalinar and Buttrik.