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06-17-2011, 08:48 AM
Hey all,
So been having some issues with threat and I have been told that it is my expertise being so low. and probably my hit. I have gone to askmrrobot.com and trying to follow along with what its saying. But im still having issues with my threat, and have little gold on hand.


just a check up would be nice. I also have 2200 valor and was going to replace the chest with the set chest, but saw my dodge going way down, and my parry going way up.


06-17-2011, 08:55 AM
If you have threat issues:
1. You probably are using the wrong rotation; and
2. You probably are using the wrong talents/glyphs

http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/cenarius/Blaqknight/advanced <--- better than askmrrobot.

What is your priority system? Which abilities are your highest priority?

06-17-2011, 02:07 PM
What loganisis said, it's not in your hit/expertise, you need to work on your spec/rotation/glyphs (in that order). And by far, not glyphing your seal of truth is the biggest problem for your glyphs.

You also need to tell us what are the circumstances, single target or AoE. For example, using hammer of the righteous for single target will surely cause problems.

As for upgrading, the set chest is a big upgrade from 346, dont worry if your dodge goes down and your parry goes up. If you worry because you are going OOM, then you need to learn to 1) judge more often, 2) weave your seal of light changes into seal of truth to replenish, 3) Use divine Plea (WITHOUT glyphing it for extra mana, that is for holy pallies). An upgrade is an upgrade, and going 346 to 359 is a no brainer.

06-17-2011, 03:05 PM
I mainly stick to 69 rotation, but will throw in CS, HOTR, when they are off CD to get my HP up. Then Inq and SOTR if i dont burn the HP.

06-17-2011, 03:06 PM
Thanks Insahnity. I havent been working seal of light into it, and I have been judging SoT whenever its off CD.

06-17-2011, 04:15 PM
I mainly stick to 69 rotation, but will throw in CS, HOTR, when they are off CD to get my HP up. Then Inq and SOTR if i dont burn the HP.

Do you mean the 93rotation? CS and HotR are a kinda an integral part of that rotation. could you describe your roation on a GCD by GCD ?

06-17-2011, 06:44 PM
pull with avenger's, HotR for AOE, Holy Wrath, CS judge, hotr sotr

06-17-2011, 08:13 PM
you're alternating between Crusader strike and HotR? I'm not a pally expert but shouldn't you be sticking to one depending on if its single target or not.

what i do (and i stress i may be wrong) is open with:

Divine Plea > Avenginge Wrath >Avenger's shield >Judgement >ShotR
and during the rest of the fight go through


WHere Filler is Judgement, or Hammmer of wrath, or Holy wrath Or consercration.

AoE is identical except I replace CS entirely with HotR, and Shotr entirely with Inquistion.

06-17-2011, 09:18 PM
When I tank on my paladin, I've got the rotation down to the point that no one even comes close to pulling threat off of me in heroics, even with the 15% damage buff and 20 ilvls higher than me. It's basically simple... the base rotation is 939.

This is for single target only!!!

When I pull, my skill usage ends up looking something like this...

DP (3HoPo) > AW > Ex > AS > Inq > CS > J > CS > HW > CS > ShotR

The last three make up the base 939 rotation, CS > J > CS > AS/HW > CS > ShotR.

However, I vary as so based on procs...

If GC procs on the first CS, I adjust to CS > GC > CS > ShotR.

If GC procs on the second CS, I adjust to CS > J > CS > GC > ShotR

If GC procs on the third CS, I adjust the NEXT rotation to CS > GC > CS > ShotR and finish the current rotation normally, leading to a combined CS > J > CS > AS/HW > CS > ShotR > CS > GC > CS > ShotR

If someone needs a heal and I'm solid on threat, I replace ShotR with WoG to that person.

If J/AS do not produce a SD proc to guarantee my ShotR to crit, if I know I can finish my next rotation without interruption, I will replace ShotR with Inq, but only if I know I can reach ShotR again while still under Inq (i.e., I won't have to move away, etc.).

When HoW becomes available sub 20%, I use it as often as I can when a GCD is available that can't be used for HoPo.

All of this essentially boils down to the following priority.

WoG@3HoPo if needed and threat is stable > Inq@3HoPo if no SD proc and I can complete another rotation > ShotR@3HoPo > GC@sub3HoPo > CS@sub3HoPo > HoW@sub20% > J > AS > HW

You shouldn't ever need hit/expertise to your gear as a paladin.

06-18-2011, 06:35 PM
Both Loganisis (http://www.tankspot.com/member.php?62469-Loganisis) and (http://www.tankspot.com/member.php?35090-Insahnity) Insahnity (http://www.tankspot.com/member.php?35090-Insahnity) are talking about "working on your talents/glyphs" but with no further explanation and the rest of you are talking about all those abbreviations and rotations. He's missing three very important aggro talents, so that might be his real problem.

a) 3/3 Crusade: 30% more damage for the combopoint builder that he (should) use 20 times a minute (= every second global)
b) 3/3 Rule of Law: 15% more crit for those combopoint builder
c) Reckoning, it's simply the third best aggro talent you can get your hands on

0/31/10 (http://www.wowhead.com/talent#sZGMhcRddkRucbG)

You can swap Guarded by the Light to Hallowed Ground when you start to use Consecrate from time to time, with the 20s CD on WoG it's usage is limited to counter huge spikes (eg: Mangle, Electrocute, Double Attacks, you name it) nowadays rather then assisting on real healing.

Prime: 10 free expertise via Glyph looks so much better then 10% more healing on a heal you can use only three times a minute.
1) Holy Wrath so you can stun 3/4 of the mobs in Azeroth
2) Ascetic Crusader so you can maintain your single target rotation easier
3) one free glyph you can use for whatever you want/need:
- Avenger shield's daze or hit's harder (for more single target tps)
- shorter LoH cd
- no manacost on execute or kick
- changed hand of salvation, it have it's uses on Bosses like Cho'gall and more

06-18-2011, 08:29 PM
Thanks for the clarification. It was getting a bit convoluted. Also you mentioned something the "am i made of marshmallow?" post that got me thinking about it.
What is the raidwall talent you are talking about?

Blaq (formerly Gotankadin)

06-18-2011, 11:08 PM
Divine Guardian. Evey raid member in 100yards takes 20% less damage for 6 seconds, excludes the casting paladin. Just think of it as casting DIvine protection on all your buddies, it's geat for spikes of heavy raid damage, or even sustained heavy raid damage.

06-19-2011, 07:41 AM
Ah got it now.
that makes sense.