View Full Version : US [A10]Antonidas - <Goliath National Bank> 8/13HM Recruiting 1 melee DPS and 1 healer!

06-16-2011, 10:49 PM
Goliath National Bank is a casual-hardcore 10 man raiding guild aimed strongly at progression. We are currently 8/13HM

Current Needs:
1 melee DPS, either a rogue, ret pally, or DPS warrior
1 healer, preferably a holy paladin or resto shaman, but any exceptional healer could do.

Raiding Times:
Tues, Thurs, Mon: 6-9:30 Pacific Time (Server Time)

What is a casual-hardcore guild?
A casual-hardcore guild is a guild that tries to mix more casual play with hardcore progression. We only raid 3 days a week and we do not have an attendance policy. While we assume that people signing up for a raiding guild want to raid, we also know that real life happens and are a-okay with people that sometimes have to just miss a raid. We also like to try and keep a fairly relaxed and friendly atmosphere (though sometimes R-rated). When we do raid however, we expect the best out of every one of our members. We are not looking to carry anyone and we want exceptional raiders that are willing to learn from mistakes and do whatever it takes to do your best in a raid. Since we don't raid as much as most hardcore guilds, we have less time to do the same amount of progression, and subsequently need to use that time efficiently.

A Little Bit About GNB
The leadership is a group of real life friends that has extensive high-end raid leading experience, including US top 10 kills. We like progression raiding, but don't have the time it takes to raid 15+ hours a week any more and want a more casual atmosphere than most high-end raiding guilds offer, so we made our own guild! We're very laid back and just want to have fun. We get gear to kill bosses, not kill bosses to get gear. We are not loot centric and since we are only a 10 man guild our loot system is, "don't be dicks to your fellow raiders." Most stuff really only one or two people can use anyways, so we either just /roll or our members will typically pass gear to those that need it more, especially if they've gotten a lot of gear. We try to maintain about a 14 person raid roster to adjust for people not being able to make a raid. There can be some bench time associated, but we are very good at ensuring that everyone gets raid time and the bosses they need, and we've found that with our current setup and raiding philosophy, 14 is the magic number.

If you have any questions you can PM me here or find an officer in game (I'm Irylath, the other two officers involved in recruiting are Sheft and Bruoco/Fuoco).

Apply Online at gnb.guildlaunch.com (http://gnb.guildlaunch.com) (and yes we are working on a newer, more professional website)