View Full Version : US US 141 10/13 Heroic 25 LF Main Tank and Ranged DPS

06-15-2011, 06:09 AM
Server: US PvE – Shandris – Phoenix, AZ Datacenter
Schedule: Tues-Thurs 8:00p to 12:00a Eastern
Website: www.epitome-guild.com (http://www.epitome-guild.com)
25 Progression Raiding
11/13 Heroic 25 US 126

Feral, Prot Paladin, Blood DK (Class does not matter, only skill)

We are looking for an exceptional tank to add to our roster for a main position. This is a core slot, meaning you'll be raiding a lot on the progression front. Please have experience raid leading, be progression oriented and solid in your ability to perform above expectations.

We're also looking to add a few exceptional ranged DPS to our roster. If you think you fit the bill of what is expected of top 100 raiding, please stop by.


For more information or a private meet and greet, please message Zxi, Nohope, Twilightsparkle, Suzie, Scootaloo, DerpyHooves or any of our other amazing members in game. Enjoy your week!