View Full Version : US [A] Aggramar <Bloody Rage> 10 man afternoon Raid team and evening raid team

06-15-2011, 12:08 AM
Little bit about us:

Bloody Rage is a guild that has been around for a year now. We are a mature guild that loves to have fun. Most of us are 20+ years old.

We love to raid, and are a progression raiding guild. Prior to 4.0.1 we were ranked 50th on the server in 10m raiding, and moving up quick. We started putting together our raid team last June. By November we were at H LK. We provide flasks, repairs, and food for all of our Raiders and above during our raiding times.

We are ran by 3 GM's and two officers. Every decision in the guild is ran by a committee of the 3 GM's.


Death Knight - High
Resto/Ele shaman - High
Mage - medium
Shadow Priest - medium
Hunter - low

Also looking for a new Raid Leader, due to our current Raid Leader switching jobs and raid times. With that said we will be starting a new evening raid team. We will be raiding M - Thur 7pm - 11pm CST. All applicants are welcome.

Current afternoon raid schedule:

11am - 2:30pm Sever Time. (Raids may extend if possible)



Bot - 4/4N 10m

BWD - 5/6N 10m

ToT4W - 1/2N 10m


ICC - 12/12N 10m / 11/12H 10m
Ruby Sanctum: 1/1N 10m


I expect each player to do their best. I expect 110% on each fight. I will also hold you accountable to be familiar with the fights before hand. You MUST know your toon and their abilities like the back of your hand. I trust each player will put in the effort to be outstanding.

Attendance is very straight forward - show up to raids. If you fail to show up to raids consistently, you will not pass trial or last long as a member, simple as that. You should be on time, 15 minutes prior to raid time, ready to go.

You should show up motivated and with a positive attitude. Be able to take criticism, then fix the problem. We all have bad days and mess up its how you deal with it that makes you better. If wiping on a progression boss makes you mad and you can't handle it then don't come here. If wiping on something stupid gets you upset, then please don't apply. If none of that bothers you then you may be a good fit for us.

All in all, we like to have a good time and progress as we do it. This is not a stressful guild. We are not even currently a top guild on the server. Soon though we will be, the question is do you want to be apart of it?

You may apply at www.bloody-rage.wowstead.com (http://www.bloody-rage.wowstead.com/) or contact Shamarific, Tearik, or Phoebei in-game for questions