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06-13-2011, 10:42 AM
"We're drunk... but we're fuzzy!"
<Drunken Squirrels> is a medium sized semi-casual 10-man raiding guild.

Currently, we are a level 25 guild with both the seafood feast and cauldron of battle unlocked.

We currently have Two groups raiding, with their Members on a rotation schedule night to night, to ensure everyone gets the same amount of raid time according to their schedule.

Group Xobile:
Tue/Thur 7:30-10:45pm
12/12 Regular
1/13 Heroic

Group Candy Van:
Wed/Thur 8-11pm
12/12 Regular
5/13 Heroic

We are currently recruiting:
-Two healers
-One tank
-Dps with a geared tanking or healing offspec.

Exceptional raiders are always welcome to apply, Even if we are not currently recruiting that role.

What we are looking for are:
-Flexible raiders able to fill in for other groups on off nights
-Players with good knowledge of their class and role
-Players with good communication and are able to work well with a group
-A positive attitude to add to our guild

What we offer:
-Guild Level 25
-Provided Flasks and Enchants for members and raiders.
-Guild Repairs
-Half-Price materials
-BOE’s for Offspecs, Mainspecs, and Alts.
-Guild PVP and Arenas
Being such a tightly knit group means that real life often intervenes, while we raid for a short time each week we try to fill it with as much progression and new content as possible, regularly pushing for new achievements and bosses every week. Drunken Squirrels has an active forum, and a sense of guild community, pushing to help each other out as much as possible so that the guild can be a success.

For what its worth, being a 10m guild we do recruit often, primarily bolstering our ranks through friends and family of current guild members. We prefer to play and raid with those who are here for the long haul, not tolerating those who guild hop or incite drama. Excelling in a backup role is a surefire way to earn your keep. The guild has been around since early BC, and is interested in players as stable as we are.

While primarily a casual bunch, we take our raid time seriously. In WotLK we successfully killed heroic Lich King (being one of the few guilds to do so only using 10 man gear) and received our Bane titles, so we realize fire is for marshmallows, not for standing in. Now, we have brought the pain to all normal bosses, and are quickly working our way through the heroic content to gear up for the up coming Firelands raid content.

If you're interested, please visit our forums at http://drunkensquirrelsthrall.guildlaunch.com
Or contact Aishlinn, Nudelz, Hairynipz, Mazter or Kryptoknight in-game or one of our guild champions.