View Full Version : EU [A] <BRB> Ghostlands Recruiting 8/13 Hc 25 Man, and for 4.2

06-13-2011, 04:22 AM
BRB is a Raiding Guild on EU-Ghostlands.
We've been around for ever and over the years have built up a reputation
as being one of the better guilds on the realm. This is a reputation we intend to uphold!
With a little luck, a lot of perseverance, and a managable amount of giggles;
we aim to maintain the name we've built for ourselves over the past few years!
All the while not forgetting Progress is where the real fun's at!

Current recruitment status:

Death knight: OPEN
Druid: OPEN
Hunter: closed
Mage: closed
Paladin: OPEN
Priest: OPEN
Rogue: closed
Shaman: OPEN
Warlock: OPEN
Warrior: OPEN

Exceptional applications, always considered!

Our current progress:
Cata 12/12 25 man Normal
Cata 8/13 25 man Heroic
currently working hard on more Heroic 25 man
With 10 and 25 mans running at the wekend for alts

Naxx 25/EoE (cleared)
Sartharion with 3 drakes up (cleared)
Ulduar 10/25 (cleared)
ToC 10/25 (cleared)
ToGC 10 (cleared)
ToGC 25 (cleared)
ICC 10 (cleared)
ICC 10 heroic (cleared)
ICC 25 (cleared)
ICC 25 heroic (11/12)
RS 10/25 normal cleared 10HC cleared

Our raiding schedule:

Sunday - Thursday (19:30 - 00:00)
Friday and Saturday are off days - Alt raids or fun raids for main

What we require:
Decent knowledge on your class.
85% Attendance
Knowledge on the current raid content
Gear is not important, but must in line with current progress, Skill however, is far more important.
We expect our raiders to allways come prepared - includes food buffs, flasks, pots and 100% FOCUS.

What we're offering:

A steady progression rate.
Mature and fun enviroment.
Fair loot system, based on your own raid attendence.
Expirienced raiders with a lot of raiding expirience since TBC

For more information and applications visit our website:
www.brbguild.net (http://www.brbguild.net)