View Full Version : US Zul'Jin(H)<Relentless Onslaught> 12/13H LF DPS Warrior& Resto Shaman/Druid

06-08-2011, 05:36 AM
<Relentless Onslaught> is a top Horde 25 man guild here on Zul'jin comprised of many top players from around the server. With Cata in full swing and Firelands in the not too distant future we are looking for top notch players that strive to push progression with a limited schedule. Currently our progression is:

Heroic Al'akir 10 Down
Heroic Sinestra 25 Down
Heroic Cho'gal 25 Down
Heroic Omnotron 25 Down
Heroic Conclave 25 Down
Heroic Nefarian 25 Down
Heroic Valiona and Theralion 25 Down
Heroic Magmaw 25 Down
Heroic Atramedes 25 Down
Heroic Maloriak 25 Down
Heroic Halfus 25 Down
Heroic Chimaeron 25 Down

12/12- ToTw, BD, ToFW

Heroic ICC 25 12/12- LOD
Heroic ICC 10 12/12- Bofk
Heroic Halion 10- Complete
Heroic Halion 25- Server 2nd

At the current time we are also opening our doors to the casual player that wants to take advantage of the benefits of the guild leveling system for bonus's for mains and alts. We are also looking for those that are interested in PVP and want to get into Rated BG's and arena's.

Our motto is clear and simple. We strive to conquer content as fast as possible by playing at the highest level and maximizing our time in our relatively light raid week. We currently raid Tues-Thurs 7:30-11EST. Like myself, many players believe that a competitive guild doesn't need to raid 4-5 days a week to kill bosses fast.

Currently we are recruiting most specs/classes, but the ones we need most are;

*Resto Shaman/Druid*
*Shadow Priest*
*Arms Warrior*
*Ret Pally*
*Feral DPS*

Many of our members are long standing members of the Zul'jin community and have been among the top kills of many of the bosses over a long string of content releases.

Our raid environment is tightly ran, but we are all here to have fun. We just hearken the mentality that killing bosses faster than others and not wasting time is a good time:) If you think you have what it takes to play at the highest possible level for a short 3 days a week, you want to push content and server firsts and you hold yourself to the highest possible standards, then RO might be the guild for you.

At this point we are looking for players with an outstanding history of pushing raiding content. This means pushing the hardest fights in the game while they are current. We aren't looking for players new to the raiding scent or those that have skipped the harder fights of every content release. We want the best of the best and those that are already used to playing at a very high level.

Here are a few of the things that we are looking for in recruits as we push forward.

1. Performance- You have to be able to balance and maximize your performance under all circumstances. Those players that can push their performance while still learning an encounter are the types we are looking for.

2. Adaptability- The ability to adapt quickly to new and old encounters. To be able to see a new fight in brand new content and be able to adjust your play style quickly to meet the needs of the encounter.

3.Intelligence- We want smart players, you should be able to make smart decisions in an encounter without having to be told. The ability to make those decisions in a split second in the midst of chaos. Also the ability to learn from previous mistakes and apply what you've learned.

If you have more questions about the guild or our recruitment process, please contact Uchiro, Hasimir or Konabona in-game and we'll be happy to discuss it further. You may also visit our new site at relentlessonslaught.enjin.com where you may see our full list of applicant information and application.