View Full Version : EU [A]{Silvermoon}<WMC> 25 man raiding guild (5/13HC) is recruiting!

06-06-2011, 05:56 AM
WMC is a raiding guild with a long history.
Members who had raided extensively in Vanilla formed the guild on Bronze Dragonflight.
WMC cleared up to Brutallus in Sunwell Plateau before the nerf, with full clear before WotLK and then continued to clear up to Ulduar before locating to Silvermoon.
silvermoon... Want a solid server to brighten youre raid chances? silvermoon is the place to be! they dont call it alliance heaven for nothing!

At this very moment we are considering applications of all sorts of classes and specs!
wanna join a guild thats eager to progress in end game content?
Are you looking for a mature atmosphere?
Apply now, and join our experienced raid team!

Its progression at the moment is as follows:
1/1 Baradin Hold
6/6 4/6HC Blackwing Descent
4/4 1/5HC Bastion of Twillight
2/2 Throne of Four Winds

We are looking to recruit people that are interested in raiding.
That's right, if you put in 4 days as available in your application we expect you to fulfil that.
We are looking for team players; if this is you please send in an application.
These spots are for our raid roster, we are not recruiting for filler raiders.
You will be able to raid on a regular basis if accepted.

What we expect from Applicants:

1. Know your class. Be it tanking/healing or dps, you should know the mechanics of your class and how to perform with excellence at it.
2. Have a stable connection and a respectable computer to support the game (fps and graphics)
3. Be ready to raid at least 3/4 nights per week. Raiding times are Mon, Wed, Thus, Sun 19:30-23:00 game time (invites are at 19.15)
4. We expect WMC members to act maturely and with consideration for fellow players in and out of guild at all times.
5. Be at least 18 years of age.
6. Be ready to accept criticism humbly and do your best to improve your play style.
7. You must have ventrilo installed and a microphone, which you can use.
8. Be ready to do whatever is needed for the guild's progression.

We are never closed to good players of any class so even if your class is not listed as open an application can be saved for future consideration.

Please visit http://www.wmcguild.se (http://www.wmcguild.se/) for more information!!!!