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06-05-2011, 03:04 PM
Hey and thank you for reading my Post :)

I will try to write as simple as i can. First of all i would like to ask you if you know any good skill rotation/combos to gain good aggro and then to hold it and secondly if you can please link a decent build for HC/Raids. I am finding hard to hold proper aggro and when i manage to build a decent one, I lose it really fast...

Thank you for any help

06-05-2011, 07:53 PM
That's you right?

I suspect you don't use heroic strike much.

Loganisis's Primer

Basic rotation should be based around 4GCDs of SS>dev>dev>other, resetting back to SS whenever Sword and board procs. Other abilities are Concussion Blow, Heroic Throw and Shockwave.

You really should pick up Deep Wounds, it is one of the better threat talents as is Incite. You can safely Drop Bloodcraze and Gag order. You can also drop points in Imp.Revenge or Thunderstruck for cruelty if you need better single target threat, or drop cruelty entirely if you want a more AoE type build. Use Fractured Amberjewels to fill yellow sockets. Get some good enchants. Armsman? really? Forget expertise, reforge in to mastery not out of it.

06-06-2011, 12:12 AM
Basic rotation should be based around 4GCDs of SS>dev>dev>other, resetting back to SS whenever Sword and board procs. Other abilities are Concussion Blow, Heroic Throw and Shockwave.

Did you leave out Revenge or did you mean SS>dev>REV>other? I have sometimes noticed an almost automatic proc of Revenge after starting my rotation with SS then Dev.

06-06-2011, 12:39 AM
In a single target rotation, basically Imp Rev doesn't buy you much since it doesn't (or just barely?) hits harder than Devastate - so I think a lot of WarTanks have dropped revenge out of their rotation for that reason.

I'm mostly add-tanking on hardmodes, so I still keep it because the extra targets > single target. It's going to depend a lot on your roll I think.

Addtionally, the thing to understand about Teng's priority is that it is a TPS increase to use that over the course of a fight. You *might* want to do something like:

HT -> CHarge +SB -> SS -> Concussion blow -> Dev -> other (rend is good here) then start the SS>Dev>Dev>other rotation because CB will hit harder than Dev for a bigger base TPS at the start (assuming it hits, but a miss CB = missed Dev = missed SS = 0 TPS so a miss is a miss is a miss XD )

The idea behind the SS > Dev > Dev > (other) is that fishing for as many SS through SnB procs is a TPS win over the course of a fight. In the specific example of a limited 6 second opening, that rotation has a higher ceiling and a lower floor. It comes down to your comfort.

06-06-2011, 08:17 AM
I went through the permutations of the first 5 GCDs, and while using CB in the second GCD is a threat gain over the first 2 GCDs over the first 4 GCDs its a loss, over the first 5 its a loss. essentially it boils down to the optimal threat over N GCDs is to SS>dev>dev>other and if CB is off CD by the Nth GCD use it. Since we don't care about the Nth GCD in the game since threat at the Nth GCD is meaningless, as long as you're in melee range SS>dev>dev>other wins as long as SS>Dev. Usual Caveat; Rend should only be included in your rotation if someone is putting the +30%bleed damage up on your target, or if you are tanking multiple targets.

Loganisis is quite right, with points in war academy and Imp.revenge (I also still take it as i'm the best tank for adds in my guild) I need to have about 21k AP (97% vengeance) or <15 rage for Rev to beat Dev. Osyriss, Rev procs if you dodge block or parry an attack made against you, raidbuffed is sit ~87% chance for me to proc revenge on every boss melee swing. Most bosses swing every 2.4seconds so we're gonna have2 or 3 87% chances to proc revenge over its CD. Essentially a prot warrior in melee combat should never find revenge unavailable except if it is on CD. Whether they want to use it is another matter.

One interestingthing to consider though is the rage effieiceny of Revenge, one could argue that by using Revenge as much as possible one could save an adition 120 rage per minute and translate this into and additional Heroic Strikes per minute. At low Vengeance (~9k AP) i need to convert >117rage into Heroic strikes per minute for that to be a threat gain, at high vengenace (but not quite where Rev actually starts being decent threat) however we would need to convert a mere 3 Rage per minute into extra HS to make a threat gain. But is that possible? are you actually getting more HS per minute? are you actually missing Heroic strike opportunities or are you simply delaying them?