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06-04-2011, 06:44 PM
AFTER HOURS US [H]2/13 HM25M top end raiding 2 nights a week

We have a competition need for range DPS.

If you are a working professional or busy student that is looking for quality top end raiding guild that begins after prime-time, join us. We raid heroic 25m for 6 hours a week, and do a separate 10m raid for alts 3 hours on the weekend.


1) We raid 25m for 6 hours a week and still remain competitive in server raid progression.
2) We can claim one the largest amount of top-geared members of any guild on the server.
3) Core raiders are completely funded for raiding (repairs, flasks, enchants, gems) no personal farming is required weekly
4) We run a static gain, dynamic spend DKP system - this allows us to balance loot with effort in a way that doesn't negatively impact new recruits or veteran raiders. No bidding needed. It's fast, it's hosted outside the game and updated instantly.

About us:

Our identity has always been "the big" raiding guild and we plan to keep it that way. Our main raid is a 25m raid on Tuesday and Thursday nights 9pm to 12am pacific standard time. We also have a separate alt run called *Last Call that runs on Saturday night and we do pick-up guilds raids on Monday night from 9pm to 10:30pm.

- Our members are expected to express opinions publicly and we allow our operating rules to flex to the ever changing raiding environment that blizzard provides.

- Our forums are much more lively than most (mostly because of video embedding :), so if you're stuck at work you will actually have something to discuss for fun.

- We have a great leadership team (if I may be so bold) and a solid group of veteran and core raiders

- We don't have a lot of raider turn over. People tend to stick around, because we are the best 2 night a week raiding group on Spinebreaker. Those that leave tend to be looking for a more server first experience and more raids per week.

- We raid after prime time. As a parent myself it's nice to not have to sacrifice time with the family to raid.


We begin around the release of ToC in Wotlk.

What is your current success?

Progression:Currently 2/13 25M HM
We are doing Heroic 25m Content now - Tues/Thurs 9pm to 12am server
Last Call* - Alt 10m group runs Sat night also

Here is our website if I'd like more information or to apply?

Website - http://after-hours.guildlaunch.com (http://after-hours.guildlaunch.com/)

If you would like to see us in action.
feel free to stop in and check us out.
Tuesday 9pm PST
no password needed

For in-game Contact

Belletripsy - Guild Master
Doomydethnes - Raid Leading Officer
Furiansoul - Boniface Officer
Malters - Recruiting Team
Thermostat - Recruiting Team