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06-04-2011, 02:55 AM
Pulse (currently 8/13 Heroic)

Pulse was formed for the sole purpose of being a high end raid guild.

Pulse is a team of highly dedicated and committed players that are working together towards our goals in a mature and encouraging athmosphere. We are looking for new members with experience, knowledge and skill to help maintain that edge as Pulse raiders.
Raid days and times will be as follows:

Sunday: 20:00 - 24:00
Monday: 20:00 - 24:00
Wednesday: 20:00 - 24:00
Thursday: 20:00 - 24:00

All times are server times.
Minimum requirements to become a trial of Pulse are the following:
- End game PVE-experience
- Be able to understand English and use Ventrilo.
- Available to raid 8pm-midnight server time at our raid days.
- Enchants and gems on gear to maximize your contribution in raid.
- Come prepared to raids and keep your potions well stocked.
- Discipline and commitment.
If you fulfill these requirements, take your time and apply and we will contact you with a response as soon as possible. All applications are hidden and your privacy is kept secure.

We are now currently looking for:
1 x Holy Paladin (High priority)
1 x Restoration Shaman (High priority)
1 x Holy/Discipline Priest (Low priority)
Melee DPS:
1x Unholy Dk (High)
1 x Retribution Paladin (High priority)
Ranged DPS:
1 x Warlock (Medium priority)
1 x Elemental Shaman (High priority)
1 x Balance Druid (High priority)
1 x Shadowpriest (Low priority)

1 x Mage (Low Priority)

We always welcome applications from exceptional players
If you want to be part of a team that will achieve things then please visit the Pulse Website to apply.
http://www.pulse-guild.com (http://www.pulse-guild.com/)
If you have any questions then feel free to contact Onslaught, Privát or Khaly in game.