View Full Version : US [H] (Duskwood) <Sinister Forces> Semi-Casual 9/12 Recruiting!

06-02-2011, 04:54 PM
Sinister Forces is a Semi-Casual, Mature, Late Night, Raiding Guild. We are on the Duskwood (US) server, We are 9/12 on normal modes (working on Cho, Nef, Al). We are looking to recruit all exceptional players for 10m progression, we run 2 10's (Tue/Thur and Fri/Sat), Raids begin at 11 server (EST). In need of a skilled Resto Druid/Shaman, Disc Priest, Fire Mage, MM Hunter. Other classes not mentioned are welcome to apply we would like to start a 25 soon and will need additional skilled raiders. If a laid back atmosphere 2 days a week, while still progressing through content is your speed we're looking for you. If you want to see HM's NOW and be in a server first guild this is not the guild for you.

For more info or to apply, please visit our site @ http://sinisterforces.guildlaunch.com or send a tell to an officer in game. Sixtomidnite, Beezi, Snakeness, Bantia, Crighton, Mafdet.