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06-01-2011, 02:23 PM
Punishment is a guild that is casual in time commitments but serious about our progression as a guild. What does this mean for you, potential Raider? You only have to raid twice a week for a total of 7 hours but you WILL kill bosses, see progression and get loot!

http://punishment.enjin.com (http://punishment.enjin.com/)

25man raid times T/Th 9-12 EST, 10mans various nights and times, Raiders are only required to attend 25man but may choose to join a 10man for extra progression if they wish to do so.

Currently recruiting :

Holy pally
shadow / disc priest
resto / enhance sham
resto druid / feral cat

We will ALWAYS consider raid ready geared players of ANY class that demonstrate superior class knowledge, skill and willingness to raid!

What we expect of you - As a Raider rank you will be expected to attend most (80%) if not ALL raids. Reserve raiders do not have attendance requirements. Raiders and Reserve Raiders are expected to have raid ready gear, gemmed, reforged and enchanted properly (Therazane exalted shoulders, appropriate faction head enchant) and to put out the best dps / hps / tps possible! You should be knowledgeable about your class and strive to always to improve your performance. You should take the initiative to watch videos and read strats for new fights and ask questions of your role leads prior to raids. You should also be able to take friendly constructive criticism well from your role leader and raid leaders.

What can Punishment offer you? Besides the awesome schedule, we are a fun and funny guild. We also offer benefits for Raiders including guild repairs (with extra available for progression), MS enchants for free, OS enchants at a discounted rate, BOEs main spec for no charge, BOEs OS at a heavily discounted rate, and we provide cauldrons and feasts for our raids! We also are heavily active outside our posted raid times with many players that arena and bg, rbg teams are something that we are organizing in the near future. We also retro raid for cheese and fun on the weekends.

How do I join?

http://punishment.enjin.com (http://punishment.enjin.com/) to apply, and feel free to contact the officers listed -

Korra, Avary, Stdeezz, Cassín, Fredal, Litedatblnds