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06-01-2011, 10:09 AM
<Combo Breaker> is an Alliance Guild on US-PvE-Azuremyst

Raid Times:
Monday - 9pm - 12am EST
Tuesday - 9pm - 1am EST
Wednesday - 9pm - 12am EST
Thursday - 9pm - 12am EST

Current Progression:
Heroic ODS 25
Heroic Magmaw 25
Heroic Maloriak 25
Heroic Atramedes 25
Heroic Chimaeron 25
Heroic Halfus 25
Heroic Twin Dragons 25
Heroic Conclave of Wind 25
Heroic Al'Akir 10 Realm First
Heroic Nefarian 25 Realm First
Normal Ascendant Council 25
Normal Cho'gall 25

Recruitment Needs: Updated on May 29th
Any Melee DPS (Enh + DK Priority)
As always, any exceptional DPS apply!


Off Tank, Any Class but DK
DPS w/ OS Tank

Contact Information:
Website: http://www.cbguild.us/
Real ID: alex.amurao@ymail.com
Throw an application up on our forums or add me on Real ID if you have any questions. Looking forward to raiding with you!

About <Combo Breaker>:

For loot distribution we run loot council in which our officers vote based on attendance and performance. For vanity items we like to reward raiders for their dedication and exceptional play. Nobody wants to carry you and least of all nobody wants to reward you for being carried.

While we do not have a hardcore raid schedule we do have a hardcore state of mind. We aren't here to waste anyones time, least of all ours. When we go into an instance we plan on killing everything possible. Yes, WoW is not life, it's a hobby but who wants to suck at their hobby.

Everyone in WoW likes to have nice things, that includes us. In the past we have farmed Mimiron heads for our dedicated raiders. If you aren't dedicated and aren't willing to put forth the time on content that may or may not be relevant don't expect to get rewarded.

*We also received 4 server firsts during WotLK as a guild, Yogg 0 and Algalon in Ulduar, Insanity in ToGC and Heroic Lich King in ICC and so far 2 in Cataclysm, Heroic Nefarian and Heroic Al'Akir. This shows our dedication to be the first and the best no matter where we raid.

Contact me ingame if needed: njf89@hotmail.com

Have full open spots for Dk and mages.