View Full Version : Death Knight Help enchanting/gemming

05-31-2011, 09:11 PM
IS there a % I should be shooting for with dodge/parry before just stacking sta/mastery?

Right now I am stacking mastery and current stats are:
mastery: 2403 rating (13.40%)
dodge: 1541 rating (8.72%) - before DR
parry: 1798 rating (10.17%) - before DR
stamina: 7455 sta and me 149559hp self-buffed (rune = shatter)

Should I re-gem for more HP? Should I try to match dodge/parry @ both 10%? I am working on 12/12 and will be going into heroic modes soon.

Also, how reliable are sites like askmrrobot or simulation or w/e it's called. Because when I go or use these, they tell me to stack the crap out of mastery saying this is the preferred build!?