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05-29-2011, 07:42 AM
Guild Name: Bloodpact of the Chosen
Faction: Horde
Realm : US - Silvermoon
Realm Type: PVE
Realm Timezone: PST
Progression: 10 - 4/13 H
Raid Times: 5pm-9pm

Bloodpact of the chosen currently has recruitment open for players of the following classes/specs:

Druid (balance)
Druid (restoration)
Druid (feral-dps)
Druid (feral-tank)
DK (blood)
Paladin (protection)
Priest (holy/disc)
Priest (shadow)
Shaman (elemental)
Shaman (restoration)
Warrior (dps)
Warrior (protection)

Bloodpact of the Chosen is one of the oldest Horde raiding guilds on the Silvermoon server. The guild is focused on progression while maintaining a balance of fun and enjoyment of the game.

We are currently looking to fill spots for a possible group2. We are always looking for great players who want to continue pushing raid content. We are looking to recruit new members for competitive raid progression, that being said we need people who can play to the best of their abilities, research their class heavily and are always prepared. The guild provides flasks, feasts, and some repairs. We expect you to be able to help yourself, as much, if not more than we help you.

Currently recruiting tanks for G2!

We may have a 2-3 raid out of guild trial period for applicants.
In addition to the 2-4 week new blood status in guild. This time is used for us to evaluate your performance, and to get to know you, and so you get to know us.
Server transfers, possible transfers, and or faction changes are always welcome to apply.

Any and all applicants should be current on all Cataclysm raid bosses, meaning if you have not had the chance to be involved in this fight, you should and better know the basic strat and understand the mechanics of said fight. We go over strats, and focus key points to make sure things go as smooth as possible, but it is up to each and every player to research strats that may be specific to their role.


Current schedule is as follows. All raid times are 5:30pm - 9:00pm PST
Monday: (Optional)
Wednesday: 10-man
Thursday: 10-man
Friday: (Optional)
Saturday: (Optional)
Sunday: 10-man

This schedule may change as we progress with more raids. The nights/times will not change. But the optional nights may be left empty or be used for alt nights.

We have recently migrated to a 10man guild.

Please submit a formal application for Bloodpact of the Chosen @:

You must register for the site before you apply, you must also use a valid email address, and confirm said email address, there is a chance we will not get the application otherwise.

You will also need to register for forum access.
Any questions/concerns may be directed to Rokap, or Shunsin, ingame on the silvermoon server.
Server transfers/Faction changes may also add my RealID to contact me ingame, Brokenrickybobby@aol.com