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05-26-2011, 05:52 AM
I haven't tanked in awhile and my guild needs one so i thought i would bring him out of retirement . If anyone could give me any advise for tanking in Cata as far as stats , gems , enchants and stuff it would be appreciated . Here is my armory link . Thanks in advance


05-26-2011, 08:37 AM
Stats mastery>parry>dodge, mastery is better then avoidance and you want to keep parry higher then dodge cause of hold the line. Somewhere between 600-1000 ratings more parry then dodge is a nice balance, for your gearlevel I would go with 600 ratings difference. Your mastery seems a bit low try to get more gear with mastery on it, trinket from tol barad is very nice as well.

I would run with 1 stamina trinket + 1 avoidance trinket and gem: prismatic/yellow 40 mastery, red 20 mastery/20 parry, blue 20 mastery/30 stam. You've gemmed a bit more stamina but without a stam trinket so that works too. Get rid of those hit & expertise gems though you don't need hit/expertise at all, vengeance is enough to keep aggro just get a md or tricks at the start of the fight.

Enchants you could improve: windwalk on weapon once you get a decent one, 50 mastery on shield, 65 mastery on gloves, 20 stats on chest and 35 mastery+runspeed on boots.

Try to get the rep boots from wildhammer clan and the cloak from hyjal those are easy upgrades :)

05-27-2011, 06:30 AM
Thanks Bigbad great advice i will get get that all changed up appreciate the input .

05-27-2011, 10:24 AM
Wyn - what's your role? You've got PH in your build - so are you a magmaw add kiter? I think that's about the only fight PH is useful (maybe for Nef adds? Dunno - do you want them slowed when the breath comes down?) You'd probably be better off moving the 3 points from Bloodcraze (not really good at all) into War Academy, the point in Rude Interrupt and PH and 1 point from thunderstruck into Deep Wounds).

As Bigbad said - you're block (mastery) is very low. It should be closer to 50% right now. Regemming as he said (I'll expand a little)
Red = 20 parry/20 mastery
Blue = 20 mastery/30 stam
Yellow = 40 mastery
Prismatic = 40 mastery
DPS socket bonus = 40 mastery

Would help out a fair bit at your gear level.

With 1400 mastery, you're actually probably looking at parry > dodge by about 300 rating. By the time you get mastery up to 2400 rating you're looking at wanting parry to be about 800 rating > dodge due to the fuction of HtL making parry, even with greater DR more valuable until about 800 rating difference (Koji did the math for 2400 mastery, where the inflection point was for dodge/parry).

Remember to always reforge to mastery if a piece doesn't have it. And if you have pieces with dodge/parry, reforge the largest (cloak should be parry->mastery, not dodge). But reforge threat stats first haste first then crit then hit then exprtise then dodge/parry into mastery.

And if it has mastery, reforge into whichever of dodge/parry isn't on it (like your gun, reforge the hit to parry)

Look for gear with mastery on it. The TB is gold. It's just that good. With buffs, it's ~40-60% magic damage reduction when used. Plus 321 mastery = ~2.75% block or so.