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05-22-2011, 12:12 PM
Quick Info
10-man raiding guild - 2/13H currently
Tue, Wed, Mon 8pm-11pm EST (Weeknight group)
Sat 8-11pm (Weekend group)
EPGP Loot Distribution

Are you looking for..

A raid guild that does not view raiding as a second job?
Does everything together including PVP, achievement runs, heroics?
A guild that knows how to have fun, has no drama, enjoys each others company and still gets the job done?

<The Outcasts> have been together for two years with the same leadership and the majority of the same raiders we started out with. As with most games, people stop playing sometimes and you need to recruit! We have a strong 10 man team but are lacking a few key classes for our weeknight group as well as our weekend group.

We are a guild that is diverse, social, perverse and silly at times. If you prefer to play by yourself and never talk to anyone, this is not the guild for you. We spend a lot of time in vent joking/chatting while we play the game as this enhances the gaming experience, especially if you are 'farming' /yawn

When we raid, we have fun and joke around, but we also take our raid time seriously. We are looking for people that know their class, know fight mechanics, can take constructive criticism, willing to do what it takes to get a progression boss down, quick learners.

We have no problems explaining fights and teaching people! As long as you are willing to put forth the effort to play hard, play well and be committed.

We are looking for long term members for our guild, not someone that hops around (unless you are very good looking). We are a no drama guild with strong relationships. We do our best to include new members in everything we do as long as you also do your best to socialize with us!

If we sound like a good fit for you, check us out! Chat with us in game.
Website: http://theoutcastsfenris.enjin.com/

We are even willing to take you, Alliance! Especially if you are gnome, we are hungry.. (er) fond of little people *grin*