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05-19-2011, 08:15 AM
[A][Alleria] <Final Onslaught> Recruiting Casual Raiders for our 10 man teams.
Final Onslaught

Final Onslaught is recruiting casual raiders and casual gamers of any roll or class. Players who submit a well thought out and descriptive application will be considered.

Specific Class Needs
Death Knights
Healers (all classes)

But any and all raid ready are welcome

Specific Archetype Needs
Healers - Priest , Shammy
Tanks - Warrior, DK
DPS - Hunter, Warlock, Shammy

Raid Schedule
We have 3 Raids a week will be on our calendar, with possible changes due to Holidays.
Start times are 8:30 Server (8:30 Central) and running no later than 11:00 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Why You Should Join Us
• We are looking to build our core raiding group, so most serious dedicated players will raid quickly and regularly once we get our core 25.
• We are a guild of mature adults that look at WOW as a game and not a job, understanding RL sometimes gets in the way of your play time.
• We are willing to help gear, gem, and enchant.
• We run with a laid back atmosphere, but know when to get serious.
• We only accept applications of players under 18 years of age if they have a current FO member to vouch for them.

What We're Doing
We are currently raiding in both BWD and BoT

What We've Done
We are presently 8/12

About Final Onslaught
We are a family friendly guild, with a full spectrum of members from small pet collectors, mount junkies, achievement junkies, PvP Junkies and of course our casual raiders. We currently have a small core raiding group looking to expand our group to 2 10 man teams. We prefer players that will bring either the knowledge or the ambition to learn new strategies and push their class to the best of their ability. We look for our raiders to be prepared with all needed consumables, gear be gemmed and enchanted, to be on time with regular attendance, and knowledgeable on the fights. We are not the most progressive guild on our server, and frankly do not want the limelight that goes with that, however we do want to work our way through cataclysm.

Join Us!
Do you want to want to raid, but dont cant be in a guild that raids 7 days a week, and do you want to have fun? Do you have a great attitude? Do you want to be surrounded by a mix of players that care about a full spectrum of game play from end game raiding all the way to those who simply wish to enjoy an MMO with a few friends? If so please apply at: http://fo.guildlaunch.com