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05-17-2011, 11:32 AM
Hi everybody,

my Name is Quinteras and I need some Advice. We started our raids at 10th March and now we are about to kill Nef... But we have a Question:)

Phase 1: Nothing to ask.
Phase 2/3: Our healers have big problems to keep the raid up, if we have an 10% Electric charge of Nefarian (~70%). Is it possible to do Phase 2 without any crackle? Or would it be too hard? Our dps ist straight on, no Problems with them, but the healers... yeah.

Thanks for any answers.

Sorry 4 bad English, Iīm German ;)



05-17-2011, 12:14 PM
Yes you can easily beat him if you do not push a crackle in P2 on normal mode. As for the healers I can't really tell you but I am a disc priest and I keep me and my pillar team up usually with no issues at all. We use a paladin, druid and disc priest with one healer per pillar. Be sure your healers, dps and tanks are helping in ways that they can, for example paladin wall isn't as useful in p1/p3 due to range issues, so it can be used in p2. Warriors aoe last stand, bandages, health stones, trinkets whatever should be used. P3 damage isn't an issue for healing except when it comes to healing the kiter and a crackle comes out.

What we do is 2 crackles in P1, push to 71% during the end of P1 and in P2. Once p3 begins and the breath happens to wake up adds, push the 70% crackle and start to kite. Paladin is our kiter in p2, be sure your healers aren't healing people eating damage they can avoid in p1/p3.

For example when DPSing Nef no one should ever get a tail swipe because if you stand by his front shoulders you won't be hit.

05-18-2011, 07:58 AM
Your healers still are having problems keeping people up in Phase 2 even after the Nerf? Are Blast Nova's going off?? =/.

Doing 2 crackles in Phase 1, 0 in Phase 2, and 7 in Phase 3 is very doable all dependent on your kiting tank's skills. Realistically speaking and depending on your groups DPS, Your tank would need to reset the adds once or twice to ensure a kill. Since you said your DPS is straight out this method is probably doable. The most recent downing of Nef I did, we pushed 2 crackles in Phase 1, and 2 in Phase 2, and since I messed up so badly, The adds did not reset in Phase 3, but we still got a kill.

05-18-2011, 11:25 AM
Thank you for your answers

Yes, sometimes the blast Nova came through, but weīve also hat several trys where it didnīt and we also had problems.
Today we will try with 2 Crackles in P1, None in P2 and rest in P3, and the Tank has got skill, I hope enough, itīs me ^^

05-18-2011, 03:36 PM
Raid ended 5 minutes ago:
1st time we hit P3, but I have a Problem to see the location of impact from Nefs Flames.... so I had difficulties to reset their buff...

Best try at our 1st evening P3: 17%. Friday will be our next raid...^^

05-19-2011, 09:57 PM
P3 kiting can be done indefinitely and makes the phase very easy for everyone else. We push 2 crackles in p1 and the rest is all p3. For kiting, first of all, get DBM or something similar that has a timer for the flames. I pick up the skeletons, drag them well away from fire (give it some real distance or it will chase you), then stand there and tank. When the timer says I have between 1.5 and 2 seconds to go (adjust this for your latency), I strafe my butt off around the outside edge of the room. Keep your camera well zoomed out and ideally tilted somewhat up so you are looking down and can see the fire easier. Once it drops, again make sure you're well away from it, and just tank. I found it's better to be a little too fast than too slow, but don't just run the whole time or you'll catch up to the fire. We also found it was useful to pop bloodlust a little later in p3, around 20%-ish (we sort of wing it based on where people's health is at so we don't accidentally push a crackle when heals aren't ready). No matter how good your kiting, the likelihood of something going wrong increases over time and it's a good bet you'll have at least one big skeleton or some misplaced fire by this point, and this takes some of the pressure off to tank it perfectly.

Viel Glueck!