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05-16-2011, 08:49 AM
Is Recruitng You!

Who is <BLITZ>?

<BLITZ> is a Horde guild on the Cho'gall server currently at level 19. We strive to be an end-game raiding guild that fits somewhere between Casual and Hardcore. We are a well established guild, with our core group playing together for 4+ years now. We are comprised of talented players who have experienced all aspects of the game. We are focused on 10 Man Raid content at this time with the potential to expand to a second 10 Man and or 25 Man.


http://blitz.guildlaunch.com (http://blitz.guildlaunch.com/)

Current Schedule

At this present time, <BLITZ> is raiding 3 days a week:
Raids start at 9:00 PM EST (invites at 8:30)and end around 12:00 AM.

Raid Schedule:


* Invites 7:30PM (Server Time)
* First Pull 8:00PM (Server Time)


* Invites 7:30PM (Server Time)
* First Pull 8:00PM (Server Time)


* Invites 7:30PM (Server Time)
* First Pull 8:00PM (Server Time)

Note: Server Time is off the Central Time Zone
Gear requirements are not absolute. However, we should see that you have made the effort to maximize your gear for your current level of raiding.

Current Openings

<Blitz> is looking for applicants who are serious about progression, who do not get frustrated with wiping on the same boss for 3 hours and mostly importantly enjoy having a great time while playing a "game".

Currently Recruiting:

Death Knight - Open
Druid - Open
Hunter - Open
Mage - Open
Paladin - Open
Priest - Open
Rogue - Open
Shaman - Open
Warlock - Open
Warrior - Open
We have just opened recruiting for all classes and encourage you to apply. We keep our numbers small and depend on our members to be on time and show up to 90% of the raids. If you are looking for a core spot in a adult raiding guild then look no further! Please apply!!

The Recruiting Process

If you are interested in joining <BLITZ> -- and have determined that you can meet our raiding schedule
1. Vist our website ==> http://blitz.guildlaunch.com (http://blitz.guildlaunch.com/)
2. Select "Apply to Guild"
3. Fill the Guild App out
4. Vent conversation with Officer team - (Not required but offered if a transfer is involved.) We offer this for your benefit. We understand that you will be paying money to transfer to us and we want to make sure you are a good fit for us and we are a good fit for you.
Once you have completed these steps and if your application has been approved, please seek out a <BLITZ> officer in-game and we will make the arrangements for your invite to the guild.

Starcraft II:
If your a Starcraft player we also run and host a <Blitz> SC2 League within our WOW guild members.

Please visit our SC2 website for more details: http://teamblitzgaming.com/sc2/

Contact Us:

To further ask questions, please, contact one of our officers Toothree, Kamula, or Fallannor in game or you can email me at Touchdown23@gmail.com.