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Actualy this is just off curiosity, and its a loooong post (i have a hard time being breif).

Well, here is the situation. I play mainly a prot paladin, i love our mastery and have plenty of it to smoothen the incoming damage into a steady low stream a healer can easly keep up with.
My only 85 alt is a holy priest i sometimes fool around with, and one day i joined in a heroic dungeon (ZA) and got this DK tank that was ridiculously squishy. I couldent keep him up if my guardian angel had a 5 second CD. At a point he asked me why he was dying and i just said "bro, those two bear riders you pulled got in melee with you and your hp whent to zero in 3 seconds, aint much i can cast to save you in that time, your squishy" (swear to you he died that fast).
Im no awesome healer, but ive healed a few pug raids before and i know a dungeon shouldent be impossible. Im quite sure that DK in particular was just bad. But i was still curious as hell as to how DKs tank reliably. I know they dont have a shield, so they cant block. So, after i left that dungeon I asked a buddy of mine that has a blood dk alt he fools around with, and he told me his mastery was a self heal+ shield when he did some specific dk atack.
Well, now here is the question in fact: How can dks tank with that? i have 12% dodge, 15% parry and 60% block on my pally. The dk will have 15% dodge 15% parry and a tweaked up word of glory? thats it? hes supposed to not die with that? how is it even possible? With so little avoidance he will be taking "worst case" atack routines of all hits all the time, i cant see how his mastery can make up for it (or save him from dying straight out);
Even if that heal is ridiculously strong (my freind told me its about 20K heal + 20K shield about every 10 seconds - i didint think it was so awesome), if he has more then one thing hitting him at a time and/or gets stunned, hes just a dude with a bit of avoidance!
Should a blood dk even try to get avoidance? Wouldent shoving mastery and stam and mastery to have a bigger life buffer and fat self heals be best, since hes going to eat big damage spikes anyways?
I just dont get it and, for curiositys sake, was hoping someone might explain.
PS: wasent sure where to post this, since im not exactly looking for advice. But since its more or less the same kind of awnser to questions for basic dk tanking, i should post here.

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Oh and http://www.warcraftmovies.com/movieview.php?id=187677 (DK Tank)

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Dks make up for the lack of blocks with deathstrike and a large number of cds. Its much more in the hands of the player while for warriors, pallies block is passive, that's why a bad dk is harder to heal then a bad warrior, pally. Think in general a dk might be a little squisher on aoe pulls but if they play well it shouldn't be a problem.

05-15-2011, 05:58 PM
Had a nice long post typed out but i hit the back button and wiped it, so forgive my brevity. No tank can avoid or block whilst stunned. Deathstrike heals the DK for 29% of the damage taken over the last 20 seconds or 7% of their total health, whichever is larger. On any challenging content, this should be much more than 7% of the tanks health. they also get a "Blood Shield" for a percentage of the heal, on any decently geared tank this should be approaching 150%. On this weeks Cho'gall kill, on my warrior i blocked 60% of the time and blocked for 19k on average. My DK co tank had the shield up for 58% of the fight, and on average took 14K off each melee swing (both block and blood shield only work against melee swings. She also was getting a 16K heal in every 10 second, which works out to be 4K healed back per melee swing.

And then you have Bone shield as well which is pretty damn nice. 4 charges, 20% dmg reduction aslong as one charge reamains and you can't take charges off more than once every 2 seconds. In combination with avoidance and Blood sheild, Bone shield can be up for minutes at a time.

05-15-2011, 06:32 PM
Breif but precise, thnx teng.

No tank can avoid or block whilst stunned.
Wow. I didint know that, and it seems like a pretty important thing for a tank to know. Are you 100% sure about this? (it makes sense... stunned hence cant defend yourself, its just... ouch)

05-15-2011, 07:05 PM
Yup, not just stuns, most incapcitate effects like fear, sleep, Pretty much any form of CC of any duration that causes loss of control of one 's character (except Mind control & Banish). Just gotta hope they miss you while you're clutching your head/nads and picking yourself off the groud. Treat such affects as if you had your back to the mob, or are casting. both really silly things to do whilst tanking.