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05-14-2011, 07:50 PM
Guild: Edge - Alliance - 25 Man.
Server: US PvE - Garona. (CST)
Schedule: 4 Night Raiding ~ M, T, Th, Sun ~ 7PM form up - 11:30PM.
Progression: 13/13H - 39 US
Website: EdgeofGarona.com
Contact: Edge.Garona@GMail.com

► 1 Healer. Shamans, Paladins preferred.
► 1 Exceptional DPS. Open to all classes.
► 1 DPS/Tank OS. Must excel at tanking and DPS.

Updated June 1. All openings are for core slots, we do not recruit for the bench.

Exceptional players are encouraged to apply regardless of posted openings.

About Us:

Edge was formed in 2007 between a group of close knit friends who desired to achieve maximum success in killing dragons while retaining and growing all the qualities that make a guild such a great experience. In Edge, we are a community. More importantly, we are a team. We strive to defeat the hardest challenges this game has to offer without the drama and stress that is becoming all too common in the land of internet gaming that is today. Those who join our ranks quickly discover a mature and friendly home that pushes the envelope when it comes to solving problems and conquering content on a light four night raid schedule.

Edge Highlights:

• Friendly and mature environment. We are an adult oriented guild with a member base comprised of college students and working professionals. Drama is not tolerated and mutual respect is expected from everyone.

• A longterm guild with history behind it. Edge has been raiding on Garona for over 4 years now with consistent leadership and low member turnover.

• We raid 4 nights a week, 4.5 hours per night. You can expect to raid 16-18 hours during progression and dramatically less when content tiers have been completed.

• 2600 - 3k Rated Battleground Team scheduled on non PvE raid nights with high quality players and driven leadership. Our team has numerous gladiators and rank 1 players on the roster.

• Consistent and constant progression. We have ranked within top 100 U.S. since the beginning of WoTLK and always strive to improve our world ranking.

• Progression based loot council system. We are committed to a system that is both ethical and equitable while helping us to achieve our goals. No DKP counting or fighting guild members in bid wars.

• Guild Bank covers consumables and repairs. We fully cover raiding repair bills and supply 4 flasks and 20 potions of your choice each raid.

• We love and encourage alts! Optional alt raids scheduled on off nights during the week with strong leadership.

Our Progression and Achievements:

• 13/13 Heroic 25 Man Tier 11.

• We host an alt/pvper oriented 10 Man run that is currently 1/13 Heroic.

Past Achievements:

• TBC: Pre 3.0 - Everything up to and including Mu’ru. Kil’Jaeden Post 3.0
• Heroic: Glory of the Raider and Immortal - Pre 3.1
• Heroic: Glory of the Ulduar Raider - U.S. 76th
• Heroic: Observed (Algalon) - U.S. 56th
• Heroic: He Feeds on Your Tears (Algalon, No Deaths) - World 12th, U.S. 6th
• Heroic: Alone in the Darkness (Zero Keeper Yogg-Saron) - U.S. 48th
• Heroic: A Tribute to Insanity - U.S. 55th
• Heroic: A Tribute to Immortality - Completed Twice
• 25 Man Heroic Lich King - U.S. 26th
• 25 Man Heroic Halion - U.S. 18th
• Attained #1 US ICC HM 25 Time Attack during 3.3.3

You can check our current progression and achievements at www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/garona/Edge

Preferred Gear & Experience:

In Edge, we recruit the player behind the character. We however like to see in those applying with us demonstrate that they have put effort and thought into their character. This includes at minimum obtaining badge gear, craftable items, proper gems, proper glyphs, and proper PvE raiding spec. We prefer our applicants to have experience with at least the normal mode content of the current tier in 10 and 25 man raids.

Raid Times:

7:00PM form up to 11:30PM server (Central) time, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

We do not run past our maximum finish time of 11:30PM CST and we do not raid any extra nights during progression. Invites go out at 7PM and you are not required to be online any earlier then that. All raids include a 10 minute break halfway through the night. You will need to maintain 80% attendance at a minimum.

Contact Information & Applying:

For more information and to apply please visit our website at www.EdgeofGarona.com

To contact us please whisper Wazuka / Kirako in game or send me an email to Edge.Garona@GMail.com