View Full Version : US [H] Blackrock <Onineko> Level 25 10/12 LF All

05-11-2011, 03:30 AM
Onineko has been around on Blackrock since September 2005 and has been active in various sizes and forms ever since. The guild is Level 25.

The guild is made up of a healthy mixture of Raiders and PvPers and is active in both areas. Currently 10/12 with imminent Al'akir and Nefarion kills on the horizon, we are looking for new members to bolster our numbers.

Raid times presently are:

Tues & Thurs 6pm - 10man
Fri 7pm - 10man progression (on hold until 4.1/4.2)
Sat 7pm - 25man (on hold until 4.1/4.2)
Sat & Sun - Various PVP adventures all weekend
Sun 1am - 10man (predominately aus/nz)
Mon 1am - 10man (predominately aus/nz)

Applicants should be mature and willing to work as a group as bad attitudes do not last long in this guild. We also have a large number of female members and make an effort for it to be a safe place for everyone to enjoy.

We are in urgent need of:

Resto Druids
Holy Priest

As well as anyone that knows their class.

We are also looking for anyone interested in RBGs.

We also would like to hear from anyone else that feels they will fit in.

Since we are Level 25 we have all perks unlocked as well as the feasts and cauldron recipies. We also allow free guild repairs, free gems and free enchants on current tier raiding gear.

Post in our recruitment thread on our forums to apply.