View Full Version : US [H] <Complexity> 10 HM guild 13/13 HM Exp LF 1 TANK

05-10-2011, 03:58 PM
We are a serious guild, you should ensure you meet our standards before applying.

Basic Information

10 man HM guild

Website: www.complexity-guild.wowstead.com

Realm: Frostmane (US-PVP)

Raid Days: Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday

Raid Times: 7-11 PM PST

About us

Complexity is a guild formed by friends who have been playing on and off since Vanilla. The leadership is composed of people who have pushed high end progression as well as high end arena for a long time and know what it takes to succeed. The GM of Complexity has raided in Forlorn Legacy from Ulduar to the begining of Icecrown Citadel. Since Icecrown Citadel he has been with Obsidium of Frostmane, finishing tier 11 as the #11th guild in the US on 25 man. Due to his recent job, he was forced to quit raiding with them and thus this guild came out of that. The two other officers are close friends of his that he has known for years, and just like him they know how to play their roles well. To sum it all up, we know what it takes to be a guild that will succeed, and we are headed in that direction.

Complexity has a serious, yet laid back atmosphere that we treasure dearly. Our members conduct themselves like they have the usual 46 chromosomes. Our roster will have 10-11 members and we have no intention to go beyond that number. For encounters that favor or require class stacking, our members are encouraged to have geared, raid viable alts. We handle loot distribution via a loot council. The decision that goes into this will be Attendance/Performance/How big of an upgrade the item is/When was the last item you recieved. We avoid DKP as it only promotes saving points which will result in loot not being used and our raid will suffer because of that. Every day, we hang out either on Ventrillo or WoW. We also play other games (LoL, SC2, COD, etc.), and people are always welcome to join us in those games.

Current Class Needs


Restoration Shaman

Restoration Druid



Shadow Priest

If your class/spec is not mentioned, feel free to toss in an application. These classes are our goal, but it is negotiable. The skill of a person will always outweigh class difference.

What We Look For

We’re looking for players who are experienced, dedicated, creative and intelligent. You should be one of the best people in your guild if you intend to put up an application. Participating in strategy discussion, and a stable connection are musts. Being able to maintain a very high attendence is a must as well, 99%+ prefered. As mentioned before we don't recruit for the bench and thus we need every person showing up every raid night. If you were removed from or benched every night in your last guild, chances are you aren’t qualified to join Complexity. You should know everything about the class you play, including how to get every ounce of performance out of your character. There are tiny nuances to every class that separate the good players from the great. We're only interested in the latter. If you're a Hunter, you better have a pet bear in real life. You should be absolutely confident you are among the best, but at the same time you should conduct yourself with modesty. Conceit has a nasty way of needlessly spoiling even the finest players. Do not be arrogant, there is no danger that real talent will be overlooked in Complexity.

As of this moment, our concern is not getting in geared people. We are in preperation for Firelands and we are looking for skilled people who enjoy the game to play with us. Gear is something that can easily be upgraded in this current day and age, skill is much harder to obtain. We are going even as far as to say if your character isn't level 85, we would give you consideration. Provided you can prove to us that you are seriously good, with past logs etc. For all of those interested, be warned. Even though we are a fresh 10 man HM guild thats soon about to kick some ass, we have no tolerance for #%#* players. Again, as mentioned before we are aiming to progress as fast as possible on our 3 day schedule, and thus are looking for one more solid player to finish filling up our roster who shares the same goals as we do.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with any of the officers Syck, Gorno or Des at any time. Either via the forums, or in game.