View Full Version : Healing Help with resto shammy healing

05-10-2011, 01:44 PM
So I have been playing as resto for a while now and I'm fairly confident about my healing. My problem is my heals haven't been exactly where they should be. I would like to see if there is something I may be doing wrong with my healing because I was told I should be neck and neck in hps/healing done with the resto druid in the raid group. Ive gone through countless guides and talking to other resto shamans trying to get better.

I make sure to keep my riptide up as soon as its ready to be dropped on someone again for the haste increase along with using a chain heal every once in a while if my riptide is still on cd to keep up that haste for HW/GHW. I make sure to unleash elements whenever available and even drop my healing stream totem. When stacked I drop healing rain/use some more chain heal(not spammed mind you).

I don't know what I could be doing wrong that I'm unable to keep up with him unless it is because he is geared way more than me. Also I originally started in this guild as DPS and switched to resto in one day getting as much resto stuff as possible to increase my mana/spell power.

If you actually took the time to read this I appreciate it and any help given. I would really like to step up my game with my heals.
Armory Link : http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/anetheron/dirdir/simple
I have a few healing videos up also so if you'd like to see that I can link that too. Thank you.