View Full Version : How to I upload a photo for my profile??? Error message photo cannot be uploaded!

05-09-2011, 06:02 AM
Hey guys, totally random question, but when I upload a photo for my profile it says image cannot be saved. I've gone into photoshop and resized it too a much smaller size. Any suggestions or what am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance!!!

05-09-2011, 06:10 AM
If you mean a forum avatar, only donors can upload those.


05-09-2011, 06:19 AM
I wanted to post an actual photo of myself snowboarding. Does this mean I need to be a donor, and how much does this cost?

05-09-2011, 06:29 AM
Do you mean embed it in a post? If yes upload it to imgur or photobucket and then link it in the post with the tags. If you mean a picture next to your user name, follow the link I posted in my first reply.

05-18-2011, 01:40 PM
ah, thank helps. thx lol