View Full Version : Warrior Basics of Fury

05-06-2011, 02:45 PM
Hey, i recently picked up a second 346 2h and so I changed my alt spec from Arms to Fury. (main spec prot, need solid raid dps as well) Now form web browsing and some use of my own reading comprehension skills i have a pretty good talent tree, and i think i know what glyphs to get. What i need help with is stat prioritys and rotation. (what to keep on CD, what macros together well).

Stats: I can't seem to find a good, detailed, up to date description of what our numbers are supposed to look like. Expertise is raid capped if possible, duh. (besides, i couldn't get rid of some more expertise if i wanted to) I am a little puzzled as to the 2 hit caps, secial attacks are maxed for hit, but i'm not sure how to treat the regular stikes hit raiting. Other than that, what is the geming priority? and what should i reforge into?

The rotation has a few things that you quite obvioulsy use if it procs, but other than that... yeah, a standard rotation would be nice.

Thank you for all advice.

05-06-2011, 02:58 PM
the guide here is up to date as far as i know. the only thing that has changed is the stat priority. hit is higher than mastery now. that is all.