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05-06-2011, 05:54 AM
<Merely a Setback> is a 10-man Alliance guild on Khadgar. The guild converted to a 10 man format during the early months of Catacylsm, and all Cataclysm heroic kills have come since that change.

The leadership of of <Merely a Setback> has prior leadership experience in progression guilds. During Wrath of the Lich King, they built up a guild from a non-raiding guild to a sever first guild. The GM also has consistently raided end game content since The Burning Crusade and has participated in several Top 30 kills.

We are looking for dedicated players who not only enjoy raiding, but do so with a competitive spirit and share the same competitive drive that our core does as well as strong desire to work towards moving up the ranks.

Our raid times are:
Tuesday - Thursday, Sunday: 8:00 pm to 11:30 pm EST

Current Progression:

Normal Modes:
All Defeated

Hard Modes:

Atramedes - Defeated
Chimaeron - Defeated
Halfus Wyrmbreaker - Defeated
Magmaw -Defeated
Maloriak - Defeated
Omnotron - Defeated
Valiona and Theralion - Defeated

We are primarily recruiting:
Tank (Pally or DK Preferred)
DK (Dual Tank/DPS capable preferred)

However, we are always looking to build a better roster and all exceptional applications will be considered. Further, an invite will not be extended unless we believe that you would be likely to have a core spot with us.

If you are interested or require further information, please visit merelyasetback.guildlaunch.com, or feel free to contact Moophisto or Lyssan.