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05-05-2011, 07:48 AM
Benevolence --- 10 man Progression Raiding. Has opened recruitment for healers. We are currently interested in Disc or Holy Priest, Holy Pally, or Resto Shaman. That being said all strong applications are considered however we do not recruit to bench. Our current opening is for a core raiding spot 3 days a week. We maintain a tight group of 12 to 13 raiders to allow players who want a night off to take one.

Guild History--- Benevolence was formed at the end of Wrath by a group of friends that wanted to make Lightbringer its home as it is one of the more populated U.S realms. Almost all of our raiders have raided since the Original release of World of Warcraft. Since Catarelease we are currently 2/13 Heroic.

Since our founding we have moved up the ranking ladder on Lightbringer for 10 man progression and are looking to continue that trend.Requirements -- We are looking for players who are 1) Mature and understand as a adult guild were limited on our time together as we all have families and will strive every pull to give 100% of there best. 2) Have at a minimum 2 piece T11 and the majority of your gear 359 or 353 ilvl from the new 5 mans. 3) You must have a stable computer, Ventrilo, and a Mic and be willing to use them. If you are applying as a DPS you need to strongly research your character and if you dont consistently walk in PuGs and out perform the competition this is not the place for you. For dps applicants we look for a minimum of 18k dps sustained on regular mode fights.

Loot System -- Loot is done via a Loot Council comprised of the GM and Officers and is strictly on the needs of the guild. We try to keep all our members progressing in loot together and keep the group balanced unless Tank damage is high or Healers need more through put on a given encounter.

Raid Times --- Wednesday at 9pm until 12pm Thursday at 9pm until 12pm Monday at 9pm until 12pm all times Pacific server time.If Benevolence sounds like a good place for you and you would like to join please apply at http://benevolence.wowstead.com/ or contact Caledor,Tiianna,Uzumati,or Vaeryn in game.