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I am new to this site and wish some good advice on my tank build so far.
I have been reading quite a bit on here and feel I will get the answers I need.
I am going to leave the door open to any advice that comes my way for now. I will get more specific later.
I will say though that I get the same statements I keep reading here"your squishy" usually from healers whos' abilities I question.
So here is my armory link and Thanks


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well, i dont play DKs, so i cant advise much on stat priority, etc. But it does alweys help to gem and enchant.
Most of your gear is the basic tanking gear avaiable on heroic dungeons, so it should be adequate, although id try to replace that mark of khadros for a actual tanking trinket, as well of the shoulders which are dps. full gems and chants, and a couple of piece replacements should get you the 10K hp to not look like your a dps ( as important as mastery has become , id have to agree that 120K hp is pretty low - very small margin for error).
And getting basic tanking reputation items is very helpfull. At least for pally stats many are BiS far into raiding.

Imho, run reg stonecore till you get the tanking trinket, lvl your professions (JC) gives a interesting boost w/ higher quality gems and makes a JC specific stam trinket available, get exalted for sanguard bracers, the the turtle cape (at least for pallys the boe cape your wearing is pretty much trash) and wildhammer boots, and get your tanking set fully gemmed/chanted and your good for heroics.

05-06-2011, 05:11 AM
I haven't seen your armory (I'm on my iPhone) but the above suggestions are correct. I didn't feel comfortable tanking heroics until about 130k hp with no pure stamina gems. Getting there means doing your rep work and fully gemming / enchanting. You don't have to get the best, ie get the 55 stam on chest instead of 75 until you have a 359, etc.

DKs have two different schools of thought. One is to make sure your death strikes hit, the other is the same as every other tank. My personal preference is to gear like other tanks. Mastery first and foremost. Ignore hit/expertise. Reforge for max mastery and balance dodge/parry.

Red = parry + mastery
Yellow = mastery
Blue = mastery + stam

Every piece of gear should have dodge or parry on it. If it is mastery + threat stat (hit, expertise, crit, haste, etc) it's probably a dps piece. Check bonuses on it. Stam bonus would be a tank piece and mastery bonus MIGHT be a tank piece. Good mastery pieces like that might serve as a filler until you get a true tank piece in that slot but work to replace it.

DKs will find a couple issues with the "squishy" word. One is that during wrath, most dks did require more healing and some healers have not let go of that idea. Another is that still some dks don't know their class well enough and they ARE squishy. There are enough of these to give dks overall a bad name.

The last part is something you will have to be very aware of to recognize. You are a bit squishy if you are using a dps trinket and only 120k hp. You are one strike down going in. If you do not know your class well - like really well - you may not be helping the healer the way you need to. Use all cc available. Use cds smartly and OFTEN (dks have tons of them). Use death strike smartly, which is as often as possible. This also means understanding your rune CDs and not using a heartstrike even if it's available when your threat is ok and you can death strike on the next rune refresh, etc. We all THINK we understand our class but I find dks need to better than most. Recognizing our weaknesses is hard but important.