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05-03-2011, 07:30 AM
Plaguechill was founded in the Summer of 2009 by a close-knit group of raiders who were seeking equally progression-hungry, skilled players. Since its inception, Plaguechill has consistently been one of Khadgar's most successful guilds, including capturing Celestial Defender, Death's Demise, Grand Crusader, and Fall of the Lich King during Wrath raiding.

Plaguechill is a 25-man guild focused on Heroic raid progression. Our raid schedule is Monday-Thursday from 7:30 to 11:30pm (EST).

Selective recruitment is currently open for:

- Prot Warrior with a competent DPS offspec.

- Rogue
- Shaman (enhance)
- Warlock

- Druid
- Shaman

We take great pride in our fantastic raiding team, and we are seeking additional raiders with the willingness to learn, and a love of your class. A great amount of skill and devotion is more important to us than your gear level, so if you feel you have what it takes, apply!

What We Expect From You:
* You take pride in maximizing your character in every way, and use all the tools you can find (spreadsheets, simulators, etc.) to better yourself.
* You come prepared for raids and show up on time.
* You can handle installing mods (including guild-written custom mods)
* You enjoy the challenge of hardmode boss encounters.
* You maintain high attendance on raid nights.
* You are passionate about your class, beyond even your main spec.
* You can quickly gel with others in a raid and can manage increasingly complicated assignments.

What You Can Expect From Us:
* You will be given a fair tryout as an applicant
* We will treat your time in- and out-of-game with respect. If you're asked to sit from a raid, you will not be expected to sit around all night in case we "need" you later.
* You will not be 'benched' or demoted without clear, prior warning
* You will be provided free flasks, potions, and repairs for raiding - focus on performance, not on farming.

If this sounds like an environment you'd enjoy, we invite you to read our full charter, and fill out an application at our website: http://www.plaguechill.com/

Feel free to contact an officer (Ęsbiorn, Falaenx, Grazer, Nazgrax, Omegaman, Wye) in game for specific questions. You can also use our forums to send any of the above officers Private Messages.

See our Videos at:

Our achievements are as follows

Bastion of Twilight:
- [Heroic: 2/5] + 4/4 bosses down (Normal).

Blackwing Descent:
- [Heroic: 6/6 bosses down] + 6/6 bosses down (Normal).

Throne of the Four Winds:
- [Heroic: 2/2 bosses down] + 2/2 bosses down (Normal).

(Wrath of the Lich King)
Icecrown Citadel (25-man Heroic)
- 12/12 bosses down, all realm firsts (including [Realm First: Fall of the Lich King])

Ruby Sanctum (25-man Heroic)
- Realm First.

Trial of the Grand Crusader (25-man Heroic)
- Realm firsts on all bosses including Anub'arak (+ [Realm First: A Tribute to Insanity)

Ulduar 25
- All Ulduar hard modes completed, leading to Khadgar's first round of Ironbound Protodrakes
- Realm first: Freya+3, Firefighter, Yogg One Light, Alone in the Darkness, Algalon