View Full Version : Death Knight Blood Tap for Unholy. Use it on a Scourge Strike?

05-01-2011, 11:39 AM
I've asked this on many forums but never got a satisfying answer, mainly because every "no don't do it" response it followed by a "yes its a dps increase do it".

Say I a new set of runes is available. Usually, i'd SS the unholy rune away and then use Festering on the blood/frost runes, turning them into death runes and allowing me to use SS 3 times when I get the runes back.

Now say I chose to blood tap to blood rune. I get 2 SS from my first set of runes but the frost rune lies unused. So I seem to be trading a Festering, 10rp and 1 SS (later) for an immediate SS. And that really doesn't seem worth it. Am I missing something?

Edit: Right now I only use it on moves better than SS like DnD or Dark Transformation. Or to "fix" my runes if I end up with a deathfrost rune but normal blood rune. Oh... and on second thoughts it occurs to me that maybe I can re-create a death rune right after using it for scourge strike, and then using it for scourge strike again? That would be worth it.

05-02-2011, 11:27 PM
Use it right when a blood rune starts recharging. it'll instantly fill up as a death rune.

Don't do it with a full blood rune which you might as well use on a fs. Do the fs, then use it to refill the rune for a ss. That way you get both :P

05-06-2011, 09:38 AM
I usually do something like this: DnD + SS for the two unholy, Fes x2, then (depending on whether or not I can use Empower Rune Weapon) as soon as I've used the Death Rune on the very end of my rune bar (the one that waits to recharge when you haven't used the second Blood/Death Rune) I use Blood Tap to bring it back up immediately since it will sit there until you use the second Blood/Death Rune before starting to recharge. Then I use it for another SS.

But it depends on what the situation is. I've used it on DnD after I've used the last of my available runes on Dark Transformation, or if DT has just popped up but I don't have runes, then on DT. DT has a higher priority than SS and DnD, so if it comes down to that, you know what to do. I would say it is mostly situational - but using it when you have runes up already and just converting them is probably a dps loss (most of the time).