View Full Version : US [H] - Blade's Edge - 10 man 1/13 Heroic - Adult, Late Night Pac Coast Guild

04-30-2011, 11:37 PM
About Odium

Odium is a 10 man guild that is built for adult players with responsibilities and families. Most of our raiders are married, have children and/or are adult members of the WOW community.

We are on the west coast and we raid later in the evening, usually only 3 nights per week. The current raid nights are Wed, Sun and Mon from 9-1am. Please only apply if late night raiding works for you!

We are a level 20 guild w/ feasts & caudrons.

We utilize EPGP for the distribution of loot and there is no loot priority system within the guild.

Our guild is meant for people who want to focus their gameplay on raiding. We provides food, flasks and potions for all raiders as well as repairs for all guild members all of the time. We also provide all enchants and gems, free of charge (we charge 100g per Maelstrom to keep people from wasting them).

In exchange, we take advantage of BOE epics gained in raids to fund the activity of the guild. The purpose of this is to maximize the amount of time raiding rather than dealing with consumables.

Currently, we have two 10 mans going. We are actively recruiting;

- Mages
- Hunters
- Dps/Tank DKs

We are seeking mature adult players who are in the top 5% of their class and enjoy the process of end game raiding. Real life/Wow life balance, but its more fun when bosses die!

You can apply at odiumguild.wowstead.com or if you prefer, you can whisper me in game (Unger) or send me a Tankspot mail to me.