View Full Version : US [US-Ner'zhul Alliance] <Vagabonds> 12/12N 2/13H Recruiting quality raiders for 25s

04-28-2011, 07:46 PM
Server: Ner'zhul (PVP)
Faction: Alliance
Time Zone: PST
Battlegroup: Bloodlust BG9
Raid Time: Tue/Wed/Sun 8PM-11PM PST, additional raids at leader discretion for progression.

Hello, hello!

<Vagabonds> 12/12N 2/13H is looking to expand into 25 man raids going into tier 11 and have opened recruiting. Currently we are looking for a couple healers of any spec, a prot pally or bear druid with DPS off spec, and dps of all classes and specs, especially warlocks/spriest/balance druids.

Our raid times are T/W/Su at 8:00pm server time, and never go later than 11pm. We sometimes also raid on Monday or Thursday if we are working on a progression kill.

Please contact Schokrocket, Scarlet or Grishamki in game if you are interested. Or go to http://vagabondsnz.wowstead.com/forums/vagabonds-public-forum/policy-and-recruiting to view our guild policy and post an application.

Current high priority recruitment:
Exceptional Raiders of All Classes and Specs
Casual Players looking for a good home