View Full Version : Tanking Prot Paladin Survivability

04-28-2011, 06:47 PM
I am currently tanking for our guild's progression through BWD and before the 4.1 patch I was able to help out my healers and smooth out my incoming damage with WoG heals and my defensive cds.

However, after the patch landed I find myself still rotating my cds and sniping WoG when I think the healer needs it except its still not enough. I find my health dropping way too fast too often.

What can I do to help my healers out because our other tank does not have this same problem (Prot Warr). We have tried moving our healers around but I seem to have damage spikes all over the place. What can I do to help my healers out besides rotate my cds.

04-28-2011, 07:36 PM
A good start would be to link your armory so we can get a good look at what you are doing gear-wise.

04-28-2011, 08:02 PM
Sorry about not linking my armory earlier I knew I was missing something


04-29-2011, 02:15 AM
I see you're into hit/exp. I was also all about hit/exp to quickly generate HoPo for quicker WoGs. I knew I was in the minority but I prefered it.

Now that WoG has a CD, there's no reason at all to reliably generate HoPo every CS/HotR, so I got rid of all my hit/exp in favor of dodge/parry/mastery. I swapped in all Fractured Amberjewels (socket bonuses suck, so I don't try to meet their requirements).

Now I'm at (all 359 gear) 11+% dodge, 11+% parry, and 65+% block. With the fractions of a point, I have a total of over 93% miss/avoidance/block (unbuffed). With buffs/flask/food it gets to over 98%, and with the TB trinket's on-use, I go over the miss/avoidance/block cap.

I absolutely HATE when I miss a mob or it parries/dodges, but without the extra WoGs, I am forced to make up for the fewer self-heals by taking less damage via more avoidance/mastery. It also means a bit less threat generation, but it's manageable on trash and not an issue on bosses. Also, along with the new HoPo generation from AS, I find I'm looking at my action bar and HoPo indicator more often (and less on the game world) to know what ability to use next. It's frustrating, to be honest.

That's my story. Maybe it will help you figure out what you can do since the latest Pally nerf. Or maybe I'm just using your post as a way to vent my frustration with the WoG CD...