View Full Version : US *Late Night* [H] 3/13HM <Whip My Hair> LF High Caliber DPS + Heals *Late Night*

04-26-2011, 10:29 PM
<Whip My Hair> is a 10-man progression guild located on the Fenris(PvE) server. The guild is composed of a mixed crew, from Naxx40 raiders to ICC25H raiders. The goal of the guild is to become the top raiding guild on Fenris, as well as earn a respectable ranking among the US servers.

We’re currently 3/13H, and 12/12.

What we’re looking for:
----1 Holy or Shadow Priest
----1 Hunter
----1 Fury Warrior (Tank OS)
----1 Resto Shammy

**As the main focus of this guild is to foster a progressive raid environment, we’re seeking applicants who are quick on their toes, always seeking to improve themselves, and who understand the concept of a team atmosphere.
**We are a very tight-knit guild, and near 100% attendance is expected, this level of attendance will also guarantee a raid slot.
**Currently 3 available raid spots.

Raiding Info:
We raid Mon-Thurs from 11pm-2am EST(8pm-12am PST).
Tuesday through Thursday are currently progression nights, with Monday reserved as our cleanup night.
-We provide free enchants, gems, consumables, and repairs.

To apply to the guild, please visit our website at:
Feel free to also log in and whisper Sakkari, Amaterasu, Wisepimp, or Eclyps with any questions you might have regarding raids.