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04-26-2011, 10:26 AM
Dæmonicus is a horde guild on the Echo Isles (US-PvE-PST) server. The core officers come from well established guilds for nearly five years and are looking for dedicated and skilled players for our progression core. Previous progression includes a long list of server firsts on our previous server. WotLK content held just as much excitement for us as we completed heroic content throughout the expansion, including 11/12 ICC25.

Current Progression

All members have experience with 8/13-11/13 heroic, we will start raiding on tuesday as a new guild.

Our guild website can be found at http://wow-daemonicus.com/


+Exceptional players of any class are welcome to apply, even if we aren't recruiting your particular class. If you can out perform our current members, come prove it and take the raid spot from them.

Raid Times: 7:30pm-11pm Server (PST) Sunday through Thursday are our raid days during progression content.
When raiding, you are expected to be online for our entire raid time. If it is not evident to us that you do not show a general interest in what we do, you have no purpose in the guild. You should want to raid, not have to raid. Obviously real life issues are the exception, but our raiders are expected to have at least 85% attendance.

What is expected from all of our raiders:

* BASIC RAIDING CAPABILITIES. Not moving out of fire is a mistake. Constantly forgetting to move out of fire is poor raiding capability, and we do NOT have room for you in our roster. The same goes for any boss mechanics. Our competitive attitude calls for the highest awareness possible, and if you stand out to us as making more mistakes than any other, expect to be sat or removed.
* Along with this, the ability to take criticism is required. If you are performing poorly, we'll tell you. Expect to explain how AND why you mess up. It's how you take the criticism that's important.
* In-depth knowledge of your class. Those unwilling to educate themselves have no place within our ranks. Expect to be able to explain your gear choices as well as talent and glyph choices, and why they are important. Prepare to discuss your play style.
* Not necessarily BiS gear, but proper gear for heroic content (as determined by us, and hopefully known to you). Your gear must be properly gemmed, enchanted, and reforged with highest-ranked enchants (currently with the exception of some Maelstrom Crystal enchants), but with any required reputation enchants. Expect to be able to explain your gear and stat choice.
* Working microphone and Ventrilo. The ability to speak in vent during a boss fight is not only important, but necessary. Many deadly mechanics require quick reaction and communication from raiders.
* A stable internet connection. We won't tolerate players that constantly disconnect.
* A computer that can handle current content without issues.
* A mature and drama-free attitude. An open sense of humor is also must.


IN ADDITION, PROVIDING PARSES FROM A RAID YOU HAVE BEEN IN IS REQUIRED, REGARDLESS OF YOUR CLASS, SPEC, OR RAID ROLE. We are far enough into this tier of content that providing an up-to-date WoL, WWS, or WMO parse should be trivial. If it is not for you, or if you have “not had the ability to raid with your current guild,” expect to explain how we are supposed to know that you know how to play your class effectively. If you have not had any normal mode experience past the first bosses of any instance this tier, it is especially hard to determine how well you play. The more fights the better.

Recruitment Process:

1. Submit your application to us. THIS IS A FAIR WARNING! YOU ARE EXPECTED TO FILL IN YOUR PART OF THE APPLICATION FULLY AND COMPLETELY! We put in as much time looking at your application as it seems you took to complete it.. We are NOT looking for one-line responses!
2. We will review your application and get back to you on the same page. We may ask you questions in this phase so keep watching your application page.
3. If accepted, we will set up a meeting in Ventrilo with our officers and class leaders of your class.
4. We will discuss your application and if we like what we hear, we will invite you to a 2-3-week trial period.
5. In this phase we will take you into some of our farm content raids and observe your play style.
6. After this period we may ask you to leave the guild or promote you to member status. You will see more raid time and continue to prove yourself to the guild.

In-game Contact Information:


Real ID:
Cyberthug - vincegalgano@gmail.com
Wonka - anthonygalgano82@yahoo.com