View Full Version : US Alliance [10m] <Advantage> Andorhal-PvP - 3 Nights A Week (EST) - Recruiting

04-24-2011, 09:59 PM
Recruitment Needs
We always have room for players of any class. However, we are looking for a skilled tank and healer.

Server Information:
Realm: Andorhal
Type: PvP
Timezone: EST
Population: Medium

Raid Schedule
Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday: 730pm on Sun, and 845pm Tues, Thurs

We only run 10-man content ATM.

Raid invites are started 5 minutes prior to raid start time. It is expected that anyone who signed up for the raid nights be online at least 10min before raid start time.

With a light raiding schedule of three nights per week, we only ask that you be able to attend at least 2 of our raids a week.

Current Progression (10-man)
Currently 10/12 Normal modes, with only Nef and Al'akir left. Will still be running T11 hardmodes when 4.2 hits to improve on raid performance and gear.

Additional information
For more information or to apply directly go to http://advantageofandorhal.guildzilla.com/